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Falco Galenus (Falco Galenus)
Home City Raven Rock
Location [-25,19]
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level 45 Class Noble
Other Information
Health 500 Magicka 200
Alarm 50 Fight 30
Faction(s) East Empire Company 7(Deputy)
Falco Galenus

Falco Galenus is an Imperial noble, sent out to verify findings of Ebony at Raven Rock. He is one of the two quest givers for the East Empire Company story line.

Falco is weary of Carnius Magius' corruption, and the two are always at odds with each other. You must choose which one you will support, as things turn ugly and the colony of Raven Rock grows.

He is wearing imperial silver cuirass and steel greaves with matching boots. He is also wearing a common shirt with matching pants and shoes and is wielding a silver longsword. Aside from his natural charm and ability to absorb fatigue from others, he knows no spells.

Related QuestsEdit


Voiced Greetings:

"I'm sorry, but I'm here on official business, and I don't have time to chat."
"So, Carnius talked you into joining this little venture, did he?
"Good work with the ebony. Keep it up."
"Well, it couldn't get worse... Could it?"
"Hroldar is gone, but we have other problems."
"Too bad about the ship. Not your fault, though."
"Decisions are good. But good decisions are better."
"Okay. The supply ship is fine. What else can go wrong?"
"Between us, we might just pull this off."

Voiced Idle:

"If it's not one thing, it's another."
"Ah... ah... AH... CHOOOO!"


Captain Carius
"He's at Fort Frostmoth, obviously."
Raven Rock
"It's the proposed site for the Empire's mining colony. There's ebony ore to be had here, and we'll do what we can to get all of it."
"It has the potential to be something great, %PCName. Both for the Empire, and for us. Let's try and see that it lives up to its potential."
"It's turning out well, don't you think? Still needs a lot of work, though."
"The colony grows day by day, %PCName, with no small thanks to you."
"It's turned into something remarkable. I'm very proud of it, and also very proud of you, %PCName."
"It won't keep us from getting our job done."
"From what I understand, it's some sort of place the Nords gather. Northeast of here, I think. But it's my belief that the native cultures here are best left alone. We wouldn't want to stir anything up."

Quest-Related DialogueEdit

Establish the MineEdit

"So, Carnius talked you into joining this little venture, did he? Very well. I'll be managing the site from here, and answering only to Carius. Since you're here, I have an assignment for you."
"Carnius sent you to me for more instructions, yes? Well, you can finish the task I was working on before you got here. Now that some of the workers have arrived, I need to stay here and supervise. Here, take this ebony ore, and find four more pieces like it. Carnius needs some proof for our investors that this venture is worth it, and the ore should do nicely."'
four more pieces
"They shouldn't be too hard to find. There's quite an abundance of ebony ore in the area, which is why we chose the site. But Carnius is in such a hurry to get started that he's come right out and said he doesn't care where the ore comes from, so long as he has enough to show to the investors. I'm surprised he didn't just bring some over from Vvardenfell when he arrived. I certainly wouldn't put it past him."

A Blocked DoorEdit

"Confound it all. I had hoped Carnius wouldn't catch wind of our situation. I had things under control until recently... It's this crazy Nord. Hroldar the Strange, we've taken to calling him. He's been hanging around for a while, ranting about how we're ruining the land, and if we don't stop, we'll incur the wrath of Nature itself. He was simply a nuisance, but now it's apparent we have to get rid of him."
Hroldar the Strange
"I have no idea where he came from. It wasn't a problem until now. Annoying, yes, but nothing that kept us from getting our work done. I want him out of here before he starts spooking the men."
get rid of him
"I'm sure that Carnius just wants him killed. Anything standing between Carnius and his profit deserves a death warrant, so far as he's concerned. But I can't be that harsh. I feel sorry for this poor man. It's clear his own people have abandoned him (though I can certainly understand why). I ask that you don't hurt him, %PCName. Try to reason with him. Failing that, come back and talk to me, and we can work something out."

After speaking to Hroldar:

get rid of him
"Is he really that stubborn? Fine. I don't have time for this. We need to get in there and finish our work. You have my permission to rough him up a little bit. Bare fists only; no weapons, no spells. Are we clear? I want him to understand he's not welcome here; I don't want him dead."
Can't I just kill him?
"Didn't I say I don't want him dead? That's not the kind of example I'm looking to set for how this colony is run. If you're implying you have a problem with my orders, then I suggest you take it up with Carius."

If you have a low hand-to-hand skill there will be an additional dialogue option:

I'm not very good with hand to hand combat.
"What? You're kidding me, right?… you honestly don't know how to throw a punch? Well, that certainly doesn't speak very highly of you, now does it? Go learn something about it, why don't you. Or use some sort of magic shenanigans to help yourself out. Really, I'm not here to hold your hand. Take some initiative, %PCName."

After dealing with Hroldar without killing him:

Hroldar the Strange
"Did you get rid of him?"
get rid of him
[1000 Gold has been added to your inventory.] "Good work, %PCName. I appreciate you not being too harsh with him. Things can get back on track now, and not a minute too soon. Take the news to Carnius, will you? And here, take this. It's not much, but I like to reward those that can follow orders."

If you killed Hroldar:

"I DIDN'T WANT HIM DEAD! Did I give you orders to kill him? No. Do you have some sort of problems following orders? Clearly I can't trust you to do what's asked of you. Or are you more concerned with what Carnius wants than with the welfare of the colony? Bah, it's too late now. Just get out of here. Go tell Carnius what's happened; I'm sure he'll be delighted."
Hroldar the Strange
"I hope you're not proud of what you did..."
"Let Carnius know that Hroldar the Strange has been dealt with. There's nothing more for you to do here now."

Missing Supply ShipEdit

"Shipping manifest? I'd give it to you if I had it, %PCName. No ship has arrived; it may have something to do with the fact that Carnius never said anything about putting in a dock, so where would a ship of that size land? I'm of little help; I've spent all my time making sure the construction proceeds smoothly, so I haven't seen anything. Check with the men; perhaps one of them can tell you more."
seen anything
"As I said, I haven't been watching for a ship. Ask around, and see if anyone else has seen anything."

If asked again:

"Have you asked the men if they've seen anything? I never see more than what's going on right here at the site, and I rarely have time to look."

Once you have spoken to Gamin Girith:

"A light northwest of here? Well, I guess that could be it, though I can't imagine how they managed to miss the colony... can you go and take a look? We're not desperate for supplies, but they were supposed to deliver a shipment of picks that will make our work much easier."

If asked again:

"Any news about the ship, %PCName? I'm almost as anxious about the supplies as Carnius is."

Once you return:

"Wrecked? Are you sure? Well, then there's little more that can be done. At least a single survivor made it. I told Carnius it was a bad idea to take the lowest bidder, and that this was too important to not take seriously. Well, at least you've solved that mystery, %PCName. Thank you for looking into it; you just need to make sure word gets to Carnius. If only we had those pick axes..."
pick axes
"Yes, there were several miner's picks that were supposed to be sent over. We can manage without the other things, but we really need those to make any decent progress in the mine. Did you happen to check the wreckage? There's always a chance that a few of the supplies survived the wreck. Well, if you come across any, I'd be willing to pay you to deliver them here. Keep it in mind, will you?"

When returning the pick axes, dialogue will be dependent on how many you are carrying:

[Miner's Pick has been removed from your inventory; 500 Gold has been removed to your inventory.] "You've found one of them! I feared they'd all been lost in the wreck. Thank you, %PCName. I'll give you 500 gold for it, if only because I'm so desperate to have it."
[2 Miner's Pick has been removed from your inventory; 1000 Gold has been added to your inventory.] "You have two of them? Excellent! I'll take those, and I can give you 500 gold a piece. A good bit more than they're worth, but I'm willing to pay it; we're in dire need of them. Thank you, %PCName."
[3 Miner's Pick has been removed from your inventory; 1500 Gold has been added to your inventory.] "I'll take all three of those picks, %PCName. They'll make a big difference. But we could still use more, if you can find them."
[4 Miner's Pick has been removed from your inventory; 2000 Gold has been added to your inventory.] "You've found four of them? Well, that's good news. I'll gladly take those off your hands; I trust 500 gold each will suffice? We could still use one or two more, if you can find them."
[5 Miner's Pick has been removed from your inventory; 2500 Gold has been added to your inventory.] "Five of them, eh? Very well - I'll take all of them. I trust that 500 gold a piece is acceptable; it is much more than they're worth. Thank you, %PCName. I'll pay you for one more, if you can find it."
[6 Miner's Pick has been removed from your inventory; 3000 Gold has been added to your inventory.] "Well, it seems you've come across several of them! I can afford to take six of those off your hands; I hope 500 gold each is sufficient. I believe it's quite a bit more than their actual worth, but we do need them. Thank you, %PCName. I won't be requiring any more, I don't think."

If you didn't have all 6 on you, the dialogue will be different when giving more pick axes:

[Miner's Pick has been removed from your inventory; 500 Gold has been added to your inventory.] "One more pick should be all we need, %PCName. Thank you for finding them all."
[2 Miner's Pick has been removed from your inventory; 1000 Gold has been added to your inventory.] "Two picks will round out what we need, %PCName. I appreciate the effort you've made in getting them."
[3 Miner's Pick has been removed from your inventory; 1500 Gold has been added to your inventory.] "Three pick axes are just what we needed, %PCName. Thank you for finding them. That should be enough for now; I appreciate your efforts, and I won't soon forget you did this for us."
[4 Miner's Pick has been removed from your inventory; 2000 Gold has been added to your inventory.] "Four more picks should fill out what we need, %PCName. I appreciate you taking the time to find them for us. Here's the money."
[5 Miner's Pick has been removed from your inventory; 2500 Gold has been added to your inventory.] "You have some more, do you? Well, these five should do just fine. That'll get us started, at least. Thank you for your help, %PCName. I appreciate the effort. Here's the money for them."

Making a ChoiceEdit

When first spoken to after (?):

"Whether you know it or not, %PCName, you have arrived at a crossroads."
"If he hasn't already, I'm sure Carnius will approach you before long. He will attempt to draw you into his plans for this colony, and though I do not know what they are, I know they will be carried out at the expense of the hard-working people of this colony. Rather than see you fall prey to his greed, I hope that you would give consideration to aiding me in making Raven Rock a better place for us all."
aiding me
"I can reveal to you now that the true reason I took this position was to counter whatever schemes Carnius may have. I want to see this colony succeed, %PCName, and I believe you can help me to see that it does. I shall give you some time to think it over. Let me know when you are ready to make a choice."

When spoken to again:

"Have you given thought to aiding me, %PCName?"
aiding me
"Have you decided to do what is right, %PCName?"
Yes. I will help you.
"Excellent. I am glad to have you working with me. From now on, every future assignment you are given will come from me."
[Disposition -10.] "Well, then perhaps you are someone Carnius has a use for. Know now that if you choose to trust him, I will never fully be able to trust you again."

Setting up ShopEdit

If you sided with Carnius:

If you sided with Falco:

"Well, I don't have a real assignment for you, but perhaps you can help me with something else. I have a difficult decision to make, and your input would be valuable to me."
"Raven Rock is expanding nicely, despite the heavy ore quotas Carnius has insisted on. It's time we build something other than housing, and the funds are available to build either a smithy or a trader's outpost. I'm having a difficult time deciding which would suit us better, and I'd value your opinion. Take some time and think it over, talk to the workers if you like, and come back when you've made up your mind."

After speaking to the workers:

"So, what do you think, %PCName?? Which should it be - the smith, or the trader?"
The Smith.
"Indeed, a smith would be useful to us. Are you certain that's how we should invest? Once we've started construction, you can't afford to change your mind."
Yes, I'm sure.
"Very well. I'll make sure the work starts promptly. Carnius needs to be informed, regardless of whether or not he cares. We can't do anything without the utmost regard for procedure; we don't want to give him an edge."
No, wait.
"Not quite sure yet, eh? Not to worry, %PCName. Think it over some more."
The Trader.
"A trader, eh? Well, we can certainly build that, though it will take some time. Are you absolutely sure that's what we should build? Once we invest the money in it, we can't change the plans."
Yes, I'm sure.
"So be it. I'll get the men started on construction; you take the news to Carnius. I doubt he'll care, but Stendarr forbid he doesn't know every little detail of what goes on here."

Speaking to him after two days:


Supply Route ProblemsEdit

"It seems that nothing is easy, %PCName. Carnius' replacement supply ship has brought new problems with it, namely one Baro Egnatius. He seems to think that he deserves extra payment for delivering our supplies, and taking the ore back to the mainland, and I for one have no intention of giving in to him. I've given up trying to reason with him; why don't you try talking some sense into him."
Baro Egnatius
"He's captain of the new supply ship that's arrived. He should still be down by the dock: I don't believe he'd budged since he made his demand for extra payment."
extra payment
"He's demanding a ridiculous sum of money - I won't even repeat what it is - or else he'll refuse to take any of the ore back to the mainland. This is unacceptable, and something needs to be done about it. I've tried reasoning with him to no avail; I'd like you to talk to him."

After speaking to Baro:

"See? He's completely unreasonable. There MUST be a way around this, %PCName. Talk to Apronia. Maybe there's some way to exploit this connection to Elberoth."
"Baro knew him, yes? I know nothing of him, beyond his name. Perhaps Apronia might know something more, since she was on the ship with him."

Once you have Elberoth's saber:

"Apronia gave you his saber? Well, that's something - didn't you say that Baro mentioned it, as well as how good a fighter Elberoth was? Hmm. Now, I'm not saying that you should lie to him, but if he doesn't know that Elberoth is dead, he might be very surprised to see someone else holding that sword. Get my drift, %PCName?"

If you scared Baro and sided with Falco:

"You've spared me from having to make that extra payment, and for that I thank you, %PCName."

If you scared Baro and sided with Carnius:

"Well done, %PCName, well done! Perhaps things can return to normal. Please get word to Carnius immediately, so that he doesn't think things are a complete disaster here."

If you killed Baro:

[Disposition -10.] "You killed Baro? Are you out of your mind? If I'd wanted him dead, I could have done that myself."

To Catch a ThiefEdit

"The logs from the mines aren't adding up, %PCName. Ore is disappearing, and if my hunch is right, Uryn Maren is the one making it disappear. Of course, if my hunch is right, we're going to need proof of his theft."
Uryn Maren
[Maren House Key has been added to your inventory.] "I won't reveal where the information came from, but I can tell you that I believe he's hiding the ore in a chest in his house until he can off-load it to someone else. I want you to find that chest, and get the ore from it. You'll need this key to get into his house."

After searching the chest in Uryn Maren's house:

Uryn Maren
"What? My information was very reliable… it may be that he was tipped off by someone. I don't claim to have a monopoly on spying here at Raven Rock. Well, if we don't have any evidence, then we'll just have to catch him red-handed. He should be in the mine; follow him an see if he does anything suspicious. Take care not to be seen by anyone, as they could alert him to your presence."

If you are caught by Uryn:

"You failed your assignment to catch Uryn Maren. I have nothing more for you."
Uryn Maren
"You were seen, and that ruins everything. Now that he's on to you, there's no chance of catching him again."

If you caught Uryn in the act:

"Just as I suspected. I didn't want to say anything at the time, but I was relatively sure that Carnius was involved. Well, now that we have a witness, perhaps it's time that we bring this matter to the attention of the investors... I'll see to it that Uryn is sequestered in one of the colony's store rooms for now. Go see what Carnius has to say for himself, won't you?"

After speaking to Carnius:

"It would appear that the matter of Uryn Maren has been settled for us, %PCName."
Uryn Maren
"He was found dead shortly after being locked up. Of course I have no proof that he was murdered, and there are no witnesses. I'm sure Carnius had something to do with it, but if I can't prove it, I don't dare accuse him of it. At least the thieving problems should stop, for now. You've done good work, %PCName. Thank you."

Bar BrawlEdit

"Yes, I have a matter that needs urgent attention. Something has gone horribly wrong with Seler Favelnim, and I need you to tend to him immediately."
Seler Favelnim
"I don't know what's gotten into him. Word is that he's been trying to fight anyone who walks into the bar. This just isn't like him at all. Find out what's going on, and see if you can settle him down, all right %PCName? He's probably still in there."

If you spared Seler:

[1500 Gold has been added to your inventory.] "Thank you, %PCName. It would've been easy to kill him, and it would have been in your right to do so. You've shown great compassion, and I wish to reward that."

If you killed Seler:

"He's dead? This is not at all what I wanted... I realize you had to defend yourself, but I had hoped this could be resolved peacefully. What's done is done, I suppose. At least the matter is settled."

Discovery in the MineEdit

"Something has happened in the mine. The men have unearthed a burial cavern, but it's unlike any we've seen before. There's some sort of ice in there that they can't break through. I want you to find out what it is. There are some Nords that live just south of where the Harstrad and Islid rivers meet. Go talk to the one named Graring, and see if he can tell you anything."
"He's some kind of outcast from the Nord society here on the island. I don't know the details, nor do I care to. I understand he can be found just south of where the river divides; south of the stone bridge that crosses it."

Once you return:

[1000 Gold has been added to your inventory.] "You've forged an important bond here, %PCName. It's clear to see why Carnius was so interested in this. Do what they've asked: take them any more Stalhrim you can find. Better that we get control of it before Carnius does."

Race Against the ClockEdit

"I have an urgent job for you, %PCName. I hope you don't have anything else going on, because this needs to be taken care of immediately. This report needs to be in Carnius' hands in five hours' time, and you're going to deliver it to him."
[Colony Status Report has been added to your inventory.] "I don't have time to explain. Just take it and get going. Head straight for his office at the fort: don't waste time doing anything else. Now go!"

If asked again:

"It needs to be in Carnius' hands in five hours, and you're going to get it to him. Don't let me down."

If approached again:

"%PCName, you need to get that report to Carnius NOW. Get moving!" Goodbye

If you failed to deliver the report in time:

[You have been expelled from East Empire Company.] "You didn't make it? I trusted you, %PCName!.... I can't allow you to remain employed if I can't count on you to get the job done. You're fired, and I probably will be before long, too." Goodbye

If you delivered the report in time:

[1000 Gold has been added to your inventory.] "You got it to him on time? Excellent. I was sure he created that deadline out of spite, never intending my report to get to him before it expired. You've done good work, %PCName. You've bought us some more time."

Razing the ForestEdit

"Now that the report is taken care of, we can move on to other things. Perhaps you've noticed the increase in Spriggans around here lately. I'm not sure what's going on, but they seem to be gravitating towards that cluster of trees at the East end of the colony. Unfortunately, future plans for expansion demand that we remove those trees."
"They seem to come in waves. I think there's at least one of them out there now, and there will probably be more soon. When it looks like you've beaten them all back, find Unel Lloran. Odds are he's in the bar."

Once you have dealt with the grove:

"Has the grove of trees been taken care of?"
[2000 Gold has been added to your inventory.] "Unel has dealt with it? That's good to hear. Perhaps once those trees are gone, the Spriggans won't be so adamant about showing up. Good work, %PCName. Make a point to keep an eye out for them in the future."

Hiring GuardsEdit

"Clearly we must do something to better protect the colony. As much as I would like to, I cannot rely solely on you to protect the site. So, we'll need to hire guards."
hire guards
"I think it's only fair that others take up the responsibility, but it's not something I would be willing to order any of them to do. I'd like to see if there are any volunteers first. Ask around, and see if any of the colonists would be interested. Let me know if you find any."

Protect FalcoEdit

"%PCName, I'm going to ask you to stay close to me for a while. I've heard rumors that I'm to be assassinated, and as you can imagine, I'd like to prevent that."
"It's not that I value my own life so highly, but that without me here, there will be no one to directly oppose Carnius' actions. Just stay close for a while; we'll figure out what's going on soon enough."

If asked again:

"Stay nearby, just in case. I trust you more than anyone else here, and would feel better with you at my side."

If you walk too far away from Falco:

"%PCName, you stay here in case there are more of them!" Goodbye

Once the assassins are dealt with:

"Looks like I won't be assassinated today. Good job, %PCName."
[1000 Gold has been added to your inventory; 10 Exclusive Restore Health has been added to your inventory; Ice Shield has been added to your inventory.] "You've protected me well, %PCName. I appreciate it. Here, take this. It's the only one like it, so far as I know. Oh, and your usual compensation."

If you ask for an assignment:

"You've done more than enough for now, %PCName. You've kept me from being assassinated, and I can't thank you enough. Give us a day or two to get back on our feet, and then come see me."

Under SiegeEdit

"In his continuing effort to make life as difficult as possible, Carnius has sent word that several silver longswords have arrived. He refuses, however, to have them sent out to us. Can you go get them? I believe Constans Atrius should have them at Fort Frostmoth."
"Bring back those swords, %PCName."

Once you return to Raven Rock with the swords:

"%PCName! We've been the victims of a Skaal attack!"
Skaal attack
"I don't understand it. We've never had problems with them before, but ten or so of them attacked us almost immediately after you left. We put up a better fight than they were expecting, I think, and so they took refuge in the mine. There are workers in there, %PCName. I need you to go in and make sure they're safe. Kill all the Nords if you have to; my men are my top priority."

If asked about the topics again:

Skaal attack
"Get in the mine, and make sure the workers are safe. Kill the Nords if you have to."
"We need to put a stop to the Skaal attack before anyone gets killed."

Once the mine is cleared:

"Something about this Skaal attack doesn't seem right."
Skaal attack
"They're all dead? Somehow that doesn't make me feel better.... This just doesn't add up. There's no good reason why the Skaal would attack us now. And something about those Nords didn't look right. Did you check all the bodies? This just doesn't make sense."

Once you find the Tattered Note:

Skaal attack
[Tattered Note has been removed from your inventory.] "Wait - what's that note? That was on one of the Nords? Here, let me have it. Give me a moment to read it." Goodbye

Speaking to him after this:

"We've been had. This wasn't really a Skaal attack - it was mercenaries dressed up like them to fool us. If they'd succeeded, the whole thing would've been blamed on the wrong people. This stinks of Carnius, and I think it's time you confront him. Take this note, and show him the proof you've got of his involvement."
Skaal attack
"I can't believe Carnius would go to these lengths. To make us think that the Skaal wanted us dead, when he really just wanted us out of the way."
"Take that note to Carnius. We know he's involved now: he can't hide it anymore."

After killing Carnius:

"Carnius is dead? I'm sorry, %PCName. I didn't think it would come to that. You've lived through it, though, and Raven Rock will be a better place for it. Now, someone needs to be put in charge.... I know I don't want the job. You're next in line for it, so I'll make sure the paperwork goes through. You're now the Factor of the Raven Rock division of the East Empire Company. Congratulations!"

The Factor's EstateEdit