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Carnius Magius (Carnius Magius)
Home City Fort Frostmoth
Location Imperial Cult Shrine
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level 50 Class Noble
Other Information
Health 600 Magicka 200
Alarm 0 Fight 30
Faction(s) East Empire Company 8(Factor)
Carnius Magius

Carnius Magius is an Imperial noble and the local Factor of the East Empire Company. He is in charge of development and mining for Raven Rock. You can find him at Fort Frostmoth, where he's been given quarters above the Imperial shrine.

Carnius has a "different" idea how to make the most of his assignment in this icy, remote place, such as killing employees who know too much after they have outlived their usefulness. He is a bitter enemy of Falco Galenus, and the two are always at odds with one another. At some point during the East Empire Company Quests, you must choose to side with one or the other. If you side with Falco, Carnius will dislike you and treat you the same way he treats Falco.

Ultimately, no matter who you side with, Carnius will want you dead for one reason or another. If you side with Falco, he orders an attack on Raven Rock by men disguised as Skaal. If you side with him, however, he tricks you into supplying his hired mercenaries with gear in preparation for an attack on Raven Rock. The mercenaries will then betray you, and Carnius will attempt to kill you himself when you return.

Interestingly, even before starting any of the East Empire Company quests, Magius wields a Stalhrim Mace, despite the fact that the only person who appears to be able to fashion Stalhrim items is Aenar, and he is only able to do this after completing the quest Discovery in the Mine, in which you become the sole possessor of the means to acquire Raw Stalhrim.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related DialogueEdit

Establish the MineEdit

Before joining the East Empire Company:

"What do you want? Is this about the East Empire Company? I'm a very important man, I'll have you know, and I have no time for anything other than business."
East Empire Company
"Yes, that's right. I'm the local Factor, not that it means much at this point. Our operations are just getting underway, and frankly, we're short-handed. We could use some help. Do you wish to join the East Empire Company?"
join the East Empire Company
"Your interest is commendable, and we can certainly use the manual labor, if nothing else. As with all business, make sure you understand the requirements before agreeing to anything. So, are you willing?"
Yes, hire me! (Disposition +11)
"Very well, then. You are now an %NextPCRank in the East Empire Company, %PCName. I'll make it clear to you now that I am the one in charge; see me when you're ready for an assignment or want a promotion."
What are the requirements?
"The East Empire Companyis a business at heart. Applicants should have a winning personality, and a strong will. Those with the ability to speak eloquently and barter shrewdly are most valuable. Given the hostile environments the Company often ventures into, applicants should have a keen sense of security. Finally, all applicants should be trained in the time-honored virtues of long blades and medium armor, as has been customary for the Company for generations."
Okay, I'm in. (Disposition +11)
"Very well, then. You are now an %NextPCRank in the East Empire Company, %PCName. I'll make it clear to you now that I am the one in charge; see me when you're ready for an assignment or want a promotion"
No, sorry.
"Makes little difference to me. Others can be found to do the job."

If you ask again after joining:

"You're already working for the East Empire Company. Is this an attempt of humor? I'm not amused." (Disposition -1)

He can then be asked:

"You think you're ready for work, eh? Very well. The first of our workers have arrived, and need to get to the mining site. None of them are particularly skilled with a blade, so I'd like you to escort them. They know the way; you simply have to make sure they arrive safely. Once you're there, check in with Falco Galenus. He'll give you further instructions. For now, go speak to Gidar Verothan. He's down by the dock."

If spoken to whilst escorting the workers:

"You're supposed to be escorting the workers. What are you doing back here? Hurry up and get to it."

If the workers died:

[Disposition -6. You have been expelled from East Empire Company.] "They didn't make it? Honestly, %PCName. This doesn't speak well of your abilities. Well, we'll just have to teach you a little lesson, won't we? You're fired." Goodbye

If spoken to after you have escorted the workers, but haven't spoken to Falco:

[Disposition -5.] "So, the workers arrived safely? That's something, at least. But you haven't talked to Falco? Well, then march right back out there and do it, %PCName. If you're going to learn anything from this, it's that there's a chain of command in this operation, and I expect it to be adhered to. I gave you instructions, and you will carry them out to the letter." Goodbye

If you have spoken to Falco but do not have the ebony ore:

[Disposition -5.] "You've talked to Falco, then? Well, where's the ore? Until you have five pieces of it in your hands, ready to give me, don't waste my time."

If you have the ebony ore:

[5 Raw Ebony has been removed from your inventory. 100 Gold has been added to your inventory. EEC Stock Certificate has been added to your inventory.] "Ah, so you have the ore I asked Falco for? He couldn't even accomplish that by himself, could he? No matter. The investors are waiting for this, so hand it over. Here's payment for the job. I don't have any other work for you right now: come back and see me in about three days. By then construction should be well under way, and there will likely be more for you to do. Oh, and take this stock certificate."
stock certificate:
"It's a way to offset the cost of establishing and developing the colony. Each employee is issued a certificate that has a value based on how well the colony is performing. If you decide you'd like to exchange it for money, it can be arranged. See me if you're interested in doing so."

If asked for another assignment before construction has finished:

"I don't have any work for you right now. Check back when construction has progressed some."

A Blocked DoorEdit

If Falco is killed:

"Falco's dead. There's going to be an official investigation, and all work has been halted. The board will likely close down the entire operation. In other words, there's no more work for you, %PCRank."

If Falco is alive:

"I personally don't have anything for you, but I understand Falco is having some sort of problem out at the site. Doesn't surprise me in the least. Go out there and see what's going on, will you?"

If asked again:

"Have you finished taking care of Falco's little problem? If not, I suggest you stop bothering me, and go deal with it."

If Hroldar is spared:

"So it's been dealt with? Shame that you didn't just kill him outright, but fair enough. As long as the work can continue. Good job, %PCRank."

If Hroldar is killed:

[1000 Gold has been added to your inventory.] "He's dead? Wonderful! That'll send a message; anyone who gets in the way of the Raven Rock project will suffer dearly. Excellent work, %PCRank. Oh, don't worry about what Falco thinks. He still takes orders from me, you know."
"There's no work for you right now, %PCRank. Check again in a few days."

Missing Supply ShipEdit

"Actually, you can make yourself useful, %PCRank. It's a menial task, but it needs to be done. I've spent a great deal of money ensuring that supplies are delivered from the mainland, and I'd like you to go make sure everything is in order. The supply ship arrived this morning according to my schedule. Get me a copy of the shipping manifest from Falco, will you? On your way, then."
"I need to know the status of those supplies, %PCRank. Get moving."

After finding the ship:

[300 Gold has been added to your inventory.] "WHAT? It's gone? This is unacceptable! After the money I spent on this venture... Fine, fine. Another ship will have to be sent for. Well, don't just stand there: the longer I look at you, the longer I have to think about it. Just take this and go away. Come back in a few days."
"No, %PCRank. Nothing for you to do. Come back another time."

Making a ChoiceEdit

"I still don't have anything for you to do, %PCRank. Go bother Falco if you must."

After speaking to Falco:

"Oh, don't even say it. I can tell by the look on your face. Falco gave you his little pep talk, didn't he? "Oh, %PCName.... I need your help. Won't you help me?" Ugh. Perhaps instead you should think about doing yourself a favor and aiding me, %PCRank."
aiding me
"Believe me, I can make you a much better offer than Falco ever could. Don't be fooled. I will tolerate you only for as long as you are useful to me. If you perform well enough, it will be to your benefit. I think it's clear that I'm in a position to offer you a great deal more than Falco might; serve me well, and you may end up taking Falco's place. Take a little time and think it over, %PCRank."

If approached again:

aiding me
"Have you made your choice yet? I am not a patient man, and you do not want me as an enemy, %PCRank."
I'll do as you wish.
"A wise decision, %PCRank. I will occasionally have special requests of you; for now, see me when you are ready for your next assignment."
aiding me
"You're already helping me, %PCRank. What's your point?"
[Disposition -10.] "No? You may wish to re-think that, %PCRank. And I'd certainly advise that you don't go running off to Falco. That could prove to be very bad for you."

Setting up ShopEdit

If you sided with Carnius:

"Oh, you again. Well, you can deal with this; I can't be bothered. The funds are available to add a service provider to the colony. It needs to be decided whether a smith or a trader should be brought in; the decision is going to be yours."
"You heard me, %PCRank. A smith or a trader. I don't care how you do it. Ask the colonists, decide on your own, pick one out of a hat. Just come back and let me know what it's going to be."

When approached again:

"I'm waiting on that decision from you, %PCRank."
"Let's get this over with, so I can allocate the funds and move on to something more important. What's it going to be?"
The Smith.
"Fine, fine. I'll see to it that work starts soon. Now, go find something to keep you occupied for a while. I have other things to attend to, and it will take a few days for the construction to finish."
The Trader.
"Very well. A trader it is. I'll make sure the money is provided so construction starts soon. That's all for now, %PCRank. It'll take a few days for the construction; come back and see me when it's done."
I haven't decided yet.
[Disposition -2.] "What do you mean, you haven't decided yet? If you haven't made a decision, why are you even discussing it with me?"

If asked again:

"You've already taken care of it, %PCRank. Just let me know when the construction is nearly done."

If you sided with Falco:

"Not now, %PCRank. I'm expecting a decision from Falco. It's colony business, and it doesn't concern you."
"What? Fine, fine. That's fine. I honestly don't care. Just make sure there are no problems. I don't want to be bothered with this again."

Once either building is finished:

"The smithy / trader's is done? Fine, fine. Now leave me alone."

Supply Route ProblemsEdit

"The trader's outpost / smithy is almost done? Bah, who cares? These incompetents can't even finish the simplest of assignments."
"How am I supposed to get anything done when things are always going wrong? No one understands the pressure I'm under, %PCRank. No one. And these problems only make things worse. Get out there and find out what's keeping Falco from getting his work done THIS time. It's some sort of problem with the supply ship. I can only imagine what he's done...."

If approached again:

"Has Falco gotten things under control? I sometimes wonder why I hired him. Now that I think of it, why did I hire you, if you're here talking to me instead of fixing things? Get out of here!" Goodbye

Once Baro Egnatius is dealt with:

[1000 Gold has been added to your inventory. 10 Potion of Cure Common Disease has been added to your inventory.] "Hrmph. Took long enough. Well, this is what happens when there's more work than I can do myself. Things don't get done right, or on time, or with any degree of finesse.... sometimes I wonder why I try, %PCRank. Well, at least the supplies will get through now. Good work, I suppose. Here, take this, and then let's discuss your next assignment."

If you killed Baro:

"You killed him?? How am I supposed to retain the services of a ship captain if all he knows is that every man who took the job before him is dead? Ugh. I hope you're not expecting any sort of reward for this. Just move on to your next assignment."

Aiding and AbettingEdit

"It's time you start earning your keep, %PCRank. I've had Uryn Maren procuring a little extra ore that I can sell on the side. I have reason to believe that Falco suspects what's going on, and I need you to help take care of the matter."
Uryn Maren
[Maren House Key has been added to your inventory.] "Uryn's been stealing ore since mining began, but Falco has begun to notice the discrepancy. Thus far, he's been keeping the ore stashed in a chest in his house. I believe Falco knows about this chest, and so I need you to make sure there's no ore in it. Find it, remove the ore, and bring it to me. Here - you'll need this key to get into his house. Make it quick, %PCRank."

If approached again:

"I'm waiting on that ore, %PCRank. The evidence needs to be removed before Falco decides to search Uryn Maren."
Uryn Maren
"Get the ore out of that chest in his house, %PCRank. I need him clear of suspicion, so he can continue his work."

If you emptied the chest but are not carrying the ore:

Uryn Maren
"You say you've emptied the chest, but I don't see any ore. Bring it to me, and then we'll discuss the next step."

Once you have the ore:

"Do you have the ore? I need to get Uryn Maren back to work without worrying about this."
Uryn Maren
[5 Raw Ebony has been removed from your inventory.] "You've got the ore? Good. But the damage has been done: Falco has placed a guard in front of the storeroom in the mine. With that guard there, Uryn will be hard pressed to sneak in and steal more of the ore. That's why you're going to distract the guard. Go find Uryn in the mine and talk to him."

If spoken to again:

"You should be off helping Uryn Maren, %PCRank."
Uryn Maren
"You'll need to distract the guard so that he can sneak into the storeroom."

After helping Uryn:

Uryn Maren
[1000 Gold has been added to your inventory.] "Pulled it off, did you? Well done. There's hope for you yet, %PCRank. Take this for now, and soon we'll discuss your next assignment."

To Catch a ThiefEdit

If you aided Falco:

"You're going to accuse me of being involved in this? Ha ha! So be it. But I warn you - be very careful with how you handle this, %PCRank. It'll be my word against the word of a thief. Whom do you think will be believed?"
Uryn Maren
"He's a thief, and clearly a liar as well. Oh, don't you worry. I'll take care of this personally. But I assure you, I had nothing to do with it."

Bar BrawlEdit

"Yes, yes - I do have some work for you. One of the miners is causing some sort of disturbance. He's in the bar, and has apparently gone crazy, or some such nonsense. Go find this Seler Favelnim and deal with him, will you?"
Seler Favelnim
"I don't know the whole story, nor do I care to. He's causing problems, and is disrupting business. Make sure he stops causing problems, understand? He's at the bar. Go take care of it."

If Seler is spared:

"Have you dealt with Seler Favelnim, %PCRank?"
Seler Favelnim
[2000 Gold has been added to your inventory.] "He's been taken care of? Good. I have no use for those that can't just focus on their work. In fact, perhaps I'll have him thrown out of the colony for this. That'll certainly send a message, won't it? No matter. It's good to know I can trust you to take care of things, %PCRank."

If Seler is killed:

Seler Favelnim
[2000 Gold has been added to your inventory.] "Dead, eh? Well. Can't say I care much. In fact, it might serve as a good lesson to the rest of the miners. Good job, %PCRank."

Discovery in the MineEdit

"The miners have stumbled onto something very important, %PCRank. A wall in the mine crumbled and an old burial cavern was uncovered. They've found a large block of ice inside, and nothing anyone does can break it. I've feigned ignorance on the subject, but I need you to do something about it. The ice is called Stalhrim, and you're going to get me some of it."
"It's Nordic, whether the fools at Raven Rock know it or not. And it's immensely valuable - worth more than the rest of that whole stinking mine. Know that this, THIS is the reason I took this ridiculous position in the first place; I want that ice, and I want all of it. That means you're going to eliminate the only people who know anything about it. Go to the north, just south of where the Harstad river meets the Ilsid, and find the three Nords there. Kill them, and get the pick axe I know they have."

If spoken to again:

"All your efforts should be focused on the Stalhrim right now, %PCRank. You've no idea how important it is."
"Find those Nords and kill them. They're the only ones who understand the true importance of the Stalhrim."

After killing Hidar, Aenar, and Graring:

"They're all dead? Good. With them out of the way, there's no one else to reveal just how valuable the Stalhrim is. You currently possess the only tool on this island capable of cutting into Stalhrim. There are a few more like it, but none here have them. So you will acquire pieces of Stalhrim for me, starting now. Bring me at least one piece from the block in the mine, %PCRank."
"Bring me a piece of it from the mine, %PCRank."

Once you have a piece of Stalhrim:

"Excellent. Now that you've completed your task, I'll just relieve you of this. In the future, I suggest you bring me any Stalhrim you find. In exchange for doing this work for me, I will do a great deal for you. You bring me more Stalhrim, and in exchange, I will have weapons and armor crafted from it for you... I told you great things would come from allying yourself with me, didn't I?"

Race Against the ClockEdit

Carnius in the wilderness

If you manage to find Carnius before the time limit:

"Hrmph. Well. I must say, I'm surprised - I didn't expect to see this report on time. Very well, %PCRank. Let Falco know I've received it."
"You already delivered the report, %PCRank."

If you miss the deadline:

"I'm afraid you've missed the deadline, %PCRank. What a pity, both for you and for Falco. Now, I've work to do, so I suggest you just run along..."

Under SiegeEdit

"Well, %PCRank.... it's a bit of a surprise to see you. You weren't supposed to survive the Skaal attack."
Skaal attack
"You've ruined EVERYTHING, do you realize that? All that work - all the money I spent to get that equipment and get those men here... all of it, wasted! And it's ALL YOUR FAULT!" Goodbye

Stop the MessengerEdit

"Well, %PCRank. It's time for a bit of a change. Now that we know for sure there's Stalhrim to be had in the mines, we need to clear everyone out of the colony. Of course, I can't do that without arousing too much suspicion; the colony will have to appear to fail on its own. Your next assignment will start that process."
"I trust you remember Hroldar the Strange? Well, he's one of my men. Picked him up outside Cyrodiil some years back, and have used him for a few jobs since then. I correctly figured he'd serve well in this situation, and so far he has. Oh, you don't need to know everything he's done for me; suffice it to say he's made some very good progress. But now, I have need of his skills, and yours as well. You're going to intercept a report for me."
"I've placed some rather impossible demands on Falco lately, with the intention of his failing to meet them. When he does, it will erode confidence in the chain of command for the colony, and help convince the investors to pull out. One of those demands has been to deliver status reports. I'm concerned that one may make it through. Meet Hroldar in the courtyard, and follow him. Then go collect the messenger, and make sure he meets Hroldar as well, if you understand me..."
"Let me make this clear: it's important that he never reaches the fort. If anyone were to see him here, my ability to deny receiving the report, and thus holding Falco responsible, diminishes greatly. We cannot outright kill him either; that might also raise questions. So instead, we are going to use Hroldar's innate abilities with wildlife. You will bring the messenger to Hroldar, who will sic wolves on him. To anyone finding the body, it will appear that the report bearer had an unfortunate accident."

If spoken to again:

"Find the messenger carrying the report, and see to it that he's taken care of."
"I don't need the report. In fact, it's better if I don't have it. I just want to make sure it doesn't reach this fort. Are we clear?"
Hroldar the Strange
"Clever little trick, that ring I gave him. Certainly looked like you killed him, didn't it? But it set such a wonderful precedent. Really helped to motivate the workers, I think."

After the messenger is dead:

"The messenger is dead? And.... have you taken care of anything else? If not, I suggest you speak to Hroldar."
"I understand he was dealt with. But perhaps you have other matters that you need to attend to as well? Make sure you complete your assignment in full, %PCRank."

After killing Hroldar:

"So, Hroldar has been dealt with as well? Good. He'd long outlived his usefulness to me, and was becoming a liability. Let's hope you continue to perform well, %PCRank. I'd hate to start thinking of you as a liability as well."

Razing the ForestEdit

"There's some sort of problem with Spriggans at the colony site, and I expect you to take care of it, %PCRank."
"They've been causing some sort of disturbance lately. No good explanation for it. The colonists are scared, so you'll have to take care of them. Unel Lloran is the man in charge of the situation; once the Spriggans are gone, I imagine he'll have the courage to step outside the bar, where I understand he's been hiding. Get moving."

If spoken to again:

"I need to at least give the impression that I care about what happens to the workers, so go remove this infestation of Spriggans."
"Unel Lloran should be told once they're all taken care of. Let him deal with the details."

After dealing with the spriggans:

"It's all settled? Good. I can be sure that work in the mine will continue, and any Stalhrim left will be discovered. Well done, %PCRank."

Hiring GuardsEdit

"With this awful turn of events, we'll just have to do something about protecting the colony better, won't we %PCRank? I certainly wouldn't want anyone to have the impression that I haven't done all I can to secure the safety of our beloved colonists. So you're going to see to it that we hire guards for our little venture, just to put the investors' minds at ease."
hire guards
"Personally, I couldn't care if they all dropped dead tomorrow. But the investors are becoming nervous, and I'm not quite ready for them to pull out of the venture just yet. So you're going to poll the colonists and see if any are willing to volunteer. It'll look better that way, don't you think? Return to me when you've found some willing to take the job."

If spoken to again:

"Have you made any progress? We need to hire guards so maintain the illusion that we actually care about what's happening here."
hire guards
"Well, have you found anyone to take up the positions?"
"You haven't found anyone? I find that impossible to believe. Get back out there and keep looking."
I'm going to keep looking.
"Very well, but don't dawdle. Find out who's willing soon."

Once you have hired guard(s)

hire guards
"Well, have you found anyone to take up the positions?"
"Who's it going to be, then?"

Depending on who you have hired:

Afer Flaccus
"Only one volunteer? Perhaps they are not all as stupid as I'd assumed. Nevertheless, I will see to it that our guard friend get equipment and orders immediately. Come back in a few days, and I'll have something extra special for you."
Afer Flaccus and Gratian Caerellius
"Two of them volunteered? Falco's ridiculous optimism has not poisoned them all, I see. So be it. I'll see to it that they're outfitted immediately. Come back in a few days, and I'll have something extra special for you."
Afer Flaccus, Gratian Caerellius, and Garnas Uvalen
"Three of them volunteered? The poor fools.... So be it. I'll see to it that they're outfitted immediately. Come back in a few days, and I'll have something extra special for you."

The AssassinEdit

When first spoken to:

"Oh, this will be a most important job for you. It's a shame, really. After all I've clearly done to secure the safety of the colonists, and yet poor Falco will still be assassinated right under their noses. Well, it simply proves this venture is just too dangerous."
"Why, yes, by those terrible Nords, of course. At least that's how it'll look. I've contracted a simpleton to pose as one of the Native Nords; he'll make an attempt on Falco's life and distract the guards. That's when YOU eliminate Falco. It's all been arranged, so you've little to worry about. Baslod will wait for your signal, and then strike."
"I believe he will have placed some weapons for you at the top of the mining office tower in the colony: a bow and a very potent poison arrow. I've also contributed a scroll that may help insure the arrow finds it's mark, and that you are not seen. I'd suggest remaining in the Mining Tower for safety. Once you're prepared, ready your bow to signal that Baslod should make his attack. He'll draw the guards away, and then you strike. With Falco assassinated, the colony should collapse in a very short time."

If spoken to again:

"I want Falco assassinated, %PCRank. Stick to the plan, and no one will know you had anything to do with it."
"Make sure no one sees you. If you're spotted, or if the guards return by the time you shoot Falco, you'll most likely be caught. You're on your own if that should happen, %PCRank. I'll disavow any knowledge of the plot."
"I don't expect him to live through this. Of course, he doesn't know that. Just be sure you're not seen."

After Falco is killed:

"He's dead? Excellent. It's a shame I wasn't there to see it myself, but I do need to keep my distance. Plausible deniability, of course. The investors should start pulling out any day now, %PCRank. Good work. Here, take this. It's a special present for all the good work you've done. You won't see another like it anywhere."

If asked topics again:

"He served his purpose. That's all that matter [sic]."
"Quite a nice job you did, %PCRank."
"With Falco out of the way, the whole operation should shut down in a matter of days. Just be patient for now, %PCRank. Come see me in a few days, and we'll start cleaning up."

Drastic MeasuresEdit

"It appears that more drastic measures will be necessary, %PCRank."
drastic measures
"I've underestimated the resolve of several of our investors. Their indominitable greed has kept them from backing out of our arrangement, despite all the terrible things that have befallen Raven Rock. In order to change their minds, something very unfortunate will have to happen. Perhaps if the native Nords on the island slaughter all of the colonists, they might think twice about their choice...."
"I'd never dream of actually attempting to contact the barbarians that live here. No, I've simply seen to it that some of their equipment has been acquired. And now you're going to see to it that the equipment gets to the men I have arriving on the island. Mercenaries, of course. But properly outfitted, they'll look just like the Skaal. There are two bags under the table out in the hall; take the armor and weapons in them and deliver them to Toralf."
"He and his companions should be arriving tonight. Head east along the coast; they're landing just to the east of the river's mouth."

If spoken to again:

"We've already discussed the drastic measures that need to be taken. See to it that they're carried out."
drastic measures
"Just deliver the equipment as I've asked, %PCRank. That's all you need to do; I'm keeping you clear of the actual slaughter."
"You just deliver the equipment to Toralf and his men, they'll take care of the colonists."

After killing Toralf and returning:

"I must say, I'm surprised to see you. Toralf was supposed to make sure you didn't return. I just can't count on good help, can I? Sorry, %PCRank, but I'm afraid I no longer have need of your services, and you know a little too much to be allowed to live. But I'll remedy that situation right now." Goodbye


  • Voiced:
    • Greetings:
      • "What is it?"
      • "Without me, it all falls to pieces."
      • "Once more, with feeling..."
      • "About time."
      • "Who cares about Nord crackpots? We got a lot to do here."
      • "I can't believe it. Can't anyone do anything right?"
      • "Don't bother me with trivial details. Know what's important, and do it right the first time."
      • "Better. Just stick with it, and we'll all get rich."
      • "Time is money. Let's get moving here."
      • "You scratch my back? I'll scratch yours."
  • Greetings:
"What is it, %PCRank? Is this about your current assignment?"
    • "What is it, %PCRank?"

  • assignment:
    • "What? You've been fired. Why would I give you any work? Now, if we were to work out some sort of arrangement in which I could re-hire you, then perhaps we could talk."
    • "Go talk to Gidar Verothan. He's waiting outside the fort. Hurry up, now."
    • "What? No, %PCRank. Nothing for you right now. Come back in a few days."
    • "I don't have any work for you right now, %PCRank. Perhaps once those simpletons at the site finish up the construction, we can start on the next phase of my plans. Check back in a few days."
  • Baslod:
    • "I can't imagine he survived.... ah, well. He was cheap to hire."
Captain Carius
"He's around here somewhere. I don't know exactly where: it's not my job to look after him."
Carnius Magius
East Empire Company:
"The East Empire Company is a monopolistic mercantile enterprise chartered by the Emperor and managed by a board of directors appointed by the Emperor. The Company has sole authority to trade in certain goods, like flin, raw ebony, raw glass, and Dwemer artifacts, and it also enjoys favorable tariffs and regulations for import and export of other common and exotic goods, like kwama eggs, marshmerrow pulp, saltrice, and Telvanni bug musk."
Fort Frostmoth
"What about it? It's a Fort. It's made of rock, and it's cold. But it's better here than it is at the mining site"
Falco Galenus
"He's the second-in-command, and takes his orders directly from me. Thankfully, he spends almost all of his time at the site, so I don't have to listen to his optimistic drivel all the time. You can find him there."
  • Hroldar the Strange:
    • "Let me guess. Falco has come up with some ridiculous solution to the problem that's more trouble than it's worth. We don't need these kind of setbacks: the colony is too important. If he won't move, and you can't convince him to move, then kill him. I've found that killing anyone who gets in your way is a very effective deterrent for those that would cause problems."
    • "Have you completed your assignment? If not, I suggest you resolve the situation with Falco immediately."
    • [Disposition -1.] "The matter is settled, is it not? Then stop bringing it up."
  • promotion:
    • "You've demonstrated neither the skills necessary nor completed enough tasks for me to even consider it, %PCRank."
    • "You've performed well enough, but I don't think you're qualified just yet. Work on your skills some."
    • "You've got the qualifications, but you haven't done enough to prove to me you're ready. Complete another assignment or two then we'll talk."
  • Raven Rock: "I have every intention of making it as profitable as possible, no matter what it takes. Keep that in mind."
  • re-hire:
    • '"Failed your first assignment? What makes you think I'd consider you again? You'll have to do something for me to make it worthwhile... perhaps, say, 5000 gold pieces? What do you say?"
    • "Of course, I don't do this for just anyone. You'll have to do something for me to make it worthwhile... perhaps, say, 5000 gold pieces? What do you say?"
      • Pay it.
        • [Disposition -5.] "You don't even have that much with you, and yet still you try to gain my favor? This does not speak well of you, %PCRank."
        • [Disposition +6. 5000 Gold has been removed from your inventory.] "Very well. I'll see to it that the paperwork is processed. Concentrate on your assignments, %PCRank, and try not to let this happen again."
    • "You're a current employee of the company. I can't re-hire you."
      • Nevermind. "Your choice. I can always find someone else to make sure things get done."

  • Seler Favelnim:
    • "Yes, yes. You've already settled the matter. Focus on your current assignment, %PCRank."
  • someone in particular: "Aside from Captain Carius, I'm the only one here worth talking to."
  • specific place: "The amenities here are poor, at best. Certainly nothing like what I'm used to. There's a shrine and an armory, but little else. Raven Rock should change that, however."
  • Thirsk: "Nordic place, right? North of here? Inconsequential. You have more important things to worry about."
  • Uryn Maren:
    • "Good work helping him, %PCRank."