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Bloodmoon:Fort Frostmoth

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Fort Frostmoth
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Alignment: Imperial
Region: Hirstaang Forest

Almsivi Intervention:

Divine Intervention:

  • Fort Frostmoth


View on Fort Frostmoth from the pier
Fort Frostmoth after the attack
General Quarters from outside

Fort Frostmoth is the primary Imperial settlement on the south coast of Solstheim, in the Hirstaang Forest. It holds services (trader, smith, Imperial Cult altar) that can only be used if you have started the Rebellion at Frostmoth quest, due to low morale among the troops. It is also the main link to Vvardenfell by way of Khuul.

The makeup of the fort has the main barracks against the west wall; this is where you will find Captain Falx Carius and the prison cells as well. The Imperial Cult shrine is to the north. To the east, the armory also holds the fort chaplain's office.

The fort is known among the legionnaires as a punishment detail, due partly to the unpleasant weather and partly due to the mead. The presence of wolves, bears, berserkers and rieklings probably doesn't help morale either.

Fort Frostmoth also acts as the area office of the East Empire Company, located on top of the Imperial Cult shrine. The company was established here to mine the rich deposits of ebony from Raven Rock.

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East Empire CompanyEdit



Name   Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Antonius Nuncius   Imperial Priest 45 215 200 0 30 Imperial Cult Shrine
Basks-In-The-Sun   Argonian Shipmaster 20 126 142 0 30 Docks Transport
Captain Falx Carius   Imperial Guard Imperial Legion Knight Protector(Knight Protector) 50 600 188 100 30 Carius' Chambers
Carnius Magius   Imperial Noble East Empire Company Factor(Factor) 50 600 200 0 30 Imperial Cult Shrine
Constans Atrius   Imperial Noble East Empire Company Negotiator(Negotiator) 30 212 172 100 30 Imperial Cult Shrine
Gaea Artoria   Imperial Guard Imperial Legion Agent(Agent) 50 394 158 0 30 General Quarters, Upper Level
Gamin Girith   Dark Elf Commoner East Empire Company Underling(Underling) 20 158 122 50 30 Docks
Gidar Verothan   Dark Elf Commoner East Empire Company Clerk(Clerk) 20 158 122 50 30 Docks
Hroldar the Strange   Nord Barbarian 40 40 122 0 0 Outside
Jeleen   Redguard Priest Imperial Cult Oracle(Oracle) 12 96 90 0 30 Imperial Cult Shrine
Raccan   Redguard Guard Imperial Legion Agent(Agent) 25 244 112 0 30 Outside
Reinhardt Red-Spear   Nord Hunter 10 97 74 0 30 Outside
Sabinus Oranius   Imperial Commoner East Empire Company Underling(Underling) 20 217 144 50 30 Docks/Mine
Saenus Lusius   Imperial Guard 40 200 166 0 30 General Quarters
Severia Gratius   Imperial Guard Imperial Legion Champion(Champion) 25 244 132 0 30 Outside
Vilbia Herennia   Imperial Guard Imperial Legion Trooper(Trooper) 20 210 122 0 30 Outside
Zeno Faustus   Imperial Guard Imperial Legion Agent(Agent) 40 334 166 0 30 Armory Blacksmith; Merchant



Map of Fort Frostmoth