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Bloodmoon:The Moon Sugar Mystery

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Investigate some jolly poisonings.
Quest Giver: Severia Gratius at Fort Frostmoth
Location(s): Fort Frostmoth, Uncle Sweetshare's Workshop
Prerequisite Quest: Rebellion at Frostmoth
Reward: 1500 gold, Severia's Imperial Shortsword (Imperial Legion)
Disposition: +20 (Severia Gratius)
Reputation Gain: +10 (Imperial Legion)
ID: BM_MoonSugar
Difficulty: Low
Uncle Sweetshare is a sugar-daddy...

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Severia Gratius in Fort Frostmoth's courtyard.
  2. Talk to Jeleen in the Imperial Cult Shrine.
  3. Travel to Uncle Sweetshare's Workshop south of Lake Fjalding.
  4. Obtain his White Colovian Fur Helm, whichever way you choose.
  5. Return the helm to Severia Gratius.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Moon Sugar InvestigationEdit

Severia Gratius in Fort Frostmoth's courtyard needs help with a moon sugar investigation. It seems that during the past few months, several people across the Island have been poisoned with the contraband for reasons unknown. Keep inquiring further and agree to help her find, and kill, the culprit. The most recent victim, Jeleen in the Imperial Cult Shrine, saw the suspect and describes him as a man wearing a unique white Colovian fur helm. You must bring this helmet back to Severia Gratius as proof that you've killed him.

Detective WorkEdit

Talk with Jeleen in the fort's Imperial Cult Shrine about moon sugar investigation. He will mention the strange hat worn by the strange old man who probably wasn't a Nord. The man also sang a very silly song, like a nursery rhyme mentioning something about a workshop, snow, candy, and ha ha ho's.

The problem now is where to look. Jeleen does not have any more to add, and Severia refuses to speak to you until you find and kill the person involved. No one else around the Fort has anything to say about the matter, either. The best bet is to go out and see if you can find this workshop in the snow, or simply wait until you happen to come across it during your future travels around the island.

The WorkshopEdit

The workshop in question, Uncle Sweetshare's Workshop (Position -159000, 174300), is northeast from Fort Frostmoth and south of Lake Fjalding. Outside is the body of a dead Khajiit, M'nashi, with some moon sugar and a copy of the song Jeleen mentioned (which increases your Alchemy skill). You will find Uncle Sweetshare inside, and he will gladly tell you of his exploits in "spreading the happiness". He also admits to being involved in the death of his assistant, M'nashi, who apparently had too much moon sugar. Keep inquiring and you will soon give the Uncle the choice of death or promising to stop (and giving you the white helm that you need).

Choosing to murder Uncle Sweetshare will also let you complete the quest successfully. Upon returning to Fort Frostmoth, talk to Severia Gratius, who will take the helm and reward you 1500 gold. If you are a member of the Imperial Legion, Severia Gratius will also give you her enchanted shortsword.


  • If Uncle Sweetshare reminds you of Santa Claus (Father Christmas), you're not far off. In fact, it seems that prior to release, the character was named "Grandfather Frost" (similar to "Father Christmas"), and wore a Red Colovian Fur Helm, rather than white - even more Santa-like. He even had a different song: The Song of Grandfather Frost. Evidently, they decided that this was just a little too close to Santa, and changed a few details.
  • You will have to have completed the "Rebellion at Frostmoth" quest before Severia Gratius will appear in Fort Frostmoth's courtyard.
  • If you refuse the quest, and are not a member of the Imperial Legion, Severia Gratius' disposition will drop by 10 points and you also lose five points with the Imperial Legion faction reputation. If you are in the Legion, her disposition drops by 15 and you lose ten points of reputation.
  • Half your faction and disposition reward comes when you accept the quest, and half upon completion.


  • Jeleen may disappear from the Cult Shrine building, especially if you have been pursuing East Empire Company quests, which make changes to this area. ?
    • As long as The Missing Missionary quest is complete, this is of no actual consequence, since he has little to add to the current quest, and no additional ones to offer. You can bring him back if you want, with a Console command such as Jeleen->PositionCell, 3844, 4249, 15873, 0, "Fort Frostmoth, Imperial Cult Shrine".

Quest StagesEdit

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

The Moon Sugar Mystery (BM_MoonSugar)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I met Severia Gratius, a guard at Fort Frostmoth. Gratius has been ordered to solve the mystery of a recent rash of moon sugar poisonings here on Solstheim. Several people, including a Cult priest at Frostmoth, have been mysteriously afflicted with temporary moon sugar euphoria, and the Imperials suspect foul play. Gratius is in charge of the investigation.
20 Severia Gratius asked for my help in uncovering the identity of the moon sugar poisoner and bringing him to justice, but I turned her down.
30 I have agreed to help Severia Gratius discover the identity of the moon sugar poisoner and bring him to justice. One of the victims -- the Imperial Cult priest Jeleen -- glimpsed a man with a unique white Colovian fur helm leaving the scene of the crime. I am to find and kill this man and bring Gratius the white helm as proof. Before I leave Frostmoth I must question Jeleen in the Cult shrine. He may have some more information.
40 I questioned Jeleen at the Imperial Cult shrine. A week ago, after drinking some wine, Jeleen began to feel the effects of moon sugar euphoria. He claims that while in his drugged state, he saw a frail old man -- probably not a Nord -- wearing a white Colovian fur helm. Jeleen can't fully trust his recollections, but he thinks he remembers the man singing a silly song...something about candy, and a workshop in the snow, with lanterns all aglow....
50 I met an odd old man living in a small workshop, out in the wilderness of Solstheim. Inspired by a child's silly song, he took on the role of Uncle Sweetshare, the legendary giver of candy and spreader of cheer. He even wears a white helmet. What's most disturbing is that this particular Uncle Sweetshare has been spreading his unique brand of happiness by secretly giving people moon sugar. It's obvious this madman is the culprit Severia Gratius hired me to kill.
70 I convinced Uncle Sweetshare to give me his white helm, which I shall turn into Severia Gratius at Fort Frostmoth as "proof" of his execution. The madman promised me he'd stop slipping moon sugar into people's food and drink. I can only hope he has wits enough to keep his word.
80 Uncle Sweetshare is dead by my hand. I must return his white Colovian fur helm to Severia Gratius at Fort Frostmoth as proof of the deed, and collect my reward.
100 Finishes quest  The white Colovian fur helm has been delivered to Severia Gratius as proof of the moon sugar poisoner's execution. I have been well rewarded for my services.