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Bloodmoon:Miscellaneous Quests

Bloodmoon: Quests

There are many miscellaneous quests in the expansion which can be found just about everywhere, and don't have any particular place within the main or faction quests.

Bloodmoon Misc Quest Walkthrough
Fort Frostmoth
The Moon Sugar Mystery: Investigate some jolly poisonings.
The Missing Missionary: Track down this wayward teetotaler.
Raven Rock Skaal Village
In Search of the Falmer: Find some proof for the existence of Snow Elves for a High Elf in the Raven Rock bar.
Tymvaul in the Well: Lassnr! Tymvaul has fallen in the well!
The Mead Hall Massacre: Visit this mead hall and find out what happened to its patrons.
Mead Hall Business: Run the mead hall as the new chieftain.
Betrayal at Brodir Grove: Help an old barbarian to find his beloved Sovngarde.
The Sad Seer: A poor old prophet has lost his head.
The Cursed Captain: Help a restless sailor find some peace.
Ingmar in a Bind: A young warrior needs a decoy. Interested?
A Woman Scorned: Avenge Kjolver's broken heart.
The Patchwork Airship: Discover the remains of a crashed airship in the wilderness of Solstheim.
A Wife's Retribution: Help extract wergild for a grieving widow.