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Bloodmoon:The Missing Missionary

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Track down this wayward teetotaler.
Quest Giver: Jeleen in the Imperial Cult Shrine at Fort Frostmoth
Location(s): Thirsk (or Solvjord)
Reward: 300 gold
Disposition: +20 (Mirisa),
=100 (Jeleen)
Reputation Gain: +5 (Imperial Cult)
ID: BM_Missionary
Difficulty: Medium
The lovers reunited at last

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Jeleen in the Imperial Cult Shrine.
  2. Go to Thirsk.
  3. (Optional) Speak with Brynjolfr (in the tiny outdoor hut) about Mirisa (if you complete The Mead Hall Massacre quest first, she will be in a cave called Solvjord north of Fort Frostmoth).
  4. Go upstairs and unlock the door with the level 50 lock.
  5. Talk to Mirisa, then escort her back to the Cult Shrine in Fort Frostmoth.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Speak to Jeleen in the Imperial Cult Shrine who has an important cult matter to attend to. It seems that last month Mirisa left the shrine to go and preach the doctrine of the Imperial Cult to the local savages (as he puts it). Unfortunately, she has not returned or sent word and he is worried that something has happened to her. Inquire further to learn that she headed north toward Lake Fjalding the last time anyone saw her.

None of the caves near the lake seem to have any evidence of Mirisa (including the Lair of the Udyrfrykte). In Thirsk, Skjoldr Wolf-Runner will strongly hint that Marisa is upstairs in the mead hall, although this will not update your journal. Brynjolfr outside of Thirsk will tell you that Mirisa 'annoyed' Erich the Unworthy with her preaching and has imprisoned her in his room, updating your journal with her location. Alternatively, Erich will admit to holding Mirisa prisoner if his disposition is over 90, updating your journal if you do not already know her location. If you are a female character, Erich will flirt with you and the other inhabitants of Thirsk will note you may be able to persuade him. However, no matter how high Erich's disposition is, he will not release Mirisa. Regardless of who you speak to, you will move to the next part of the quest once you have spoken to Mirisa about being held prisoner. NOTE: If you complete The Mead Hall Massacre quest first, Mirisa is not in Erich's chamber anymore. She will be found in a cave called Solvjord, north of Fort Frostmoth.

There are four doors upstairs, but only one is locked (50). Inside the locked room you will find Mirisa, none the worse for wear (though she is barefoot, which is unusual in a freezing place like Solstheim). She will ask you to escort her back to the Cult Shrine in Fort Frostmoth. After you speak to Mirisa about being held prisoner, Erich will confront you about going into his chambers when you walk past him, and then become hostile.

Mirisa has no weapons and is rather weak, making her extremely vulnerable to the hostile inhabitants of Soltstheim. Once you've escorted Mirisa back into the Imperial Cult Shrine at Fort Frostmoth, she'll stop following you. Talk to Jeleen who will thank you and give you 300 gold as your reward.


  • If Erich attacks you once you have agreed to travel with Mirisa, Mirisa will attack Erich and won't leave the mead hall until he is dead.
  • If you leave the mead hall while Mirisa is engaged in combat with Erich, he will attack Mirisa. Erich will kill Mirisa without your intervention.
  • It is possible to sneak out of Thirsk with Mirisa, denying Erich the chance to confront you. However, even once Mirisa has been returned to the shrine, Erich will still confront you when given the chance.
  • If Mirisa dies during this quest, Jeleen will commit suicide after hearing the news, and you'll get only 100 gold as a reward (though you can still take the other 200 gold, along with his suicide note, off his corpse later).
  • Note that on some versions, Jeleen's disposition may be set to 100, not modified by 100, when you return with Mirisa.

Quest StagesEdit

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

The Missing Missionary (BM_Missionary)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I spoke with Jeleen at the Imperial Cult shrine in Fort Frostmoth, and he is deeply troubled. A missionary named Mirisa set out from the shrine over a month ago, and hasn't returned. If I can find Mirisa and return her safely to Jeleen, he will grant a generous reward. Jeleen suggests I look in the Lake Fjalding region, to the north of Fort Frostmoth.
20 It seems Mirisa the missionary was preaching more about the evils of alcohol consumption than the benefits of the Imperial Cult. She was last seen heading for a mead hall called Thirsk, in the hopes of swaying the resident Nords from their love of drink.
30 The missionary Mirisa is being held captive by a Nord barbarian named Erich the Unworthy, in his room in the Thirsk mead hall.
40 I have killed the Nord barbarian Erich the Unworthy. Thankfully it was an even fight, since none of Eric's fellow clan members came to his assistance.
50 I have located Mirisa the missionary, locked in the quarters of Erich the Unworthy at the Thirsk mead hall. She's been imprisoned for over three weeks.
60 I have agreed to escort Mirisa back to the Imperial Cult Shrine at Fort Frostmoth.
100 I have escorted the missionary Mirisa safely to the Imperial Cult shrine in Fort Frostmoth.
110 Finishes quest  Jeleen was overjoyed at my rescue of Mirisa, and rewarded me with 300 gold pieces.
120 Mirisa the missionary is dead. I should report this sad news to Jeleen at the Imperial Cult Shrine at Fort Frostmoth.
130 Finishes quest  Jeleen was ovecome with grief at the news of Mirisa's death. He thanked me for relaying the information, and paid me for my services.