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Kolfinna (kolfinna)
Location Solstheim, Kolfinna's Dwelling
Race Nord Gender Female
Level 20 Class Commoner
Other Information
Health 163 Magicka 102
Alarm 0 Fight 30

Kolfinna is a Nord commoner who can be found in her home in Solstheim. She wants Wergild for the death of her husband, Gustav Two-Teeth.

She is wearing a common shirt with a matching skirt, and a pair of fur boots. She carries a key to the chest of her late husband. Aside from her natural resistance to shock, immunity to frost, ability to shield herself, and a natural frost damage spell, she knows no spells.

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  • Greetings:
  • Hello stranger. I am afraid we meet under tragic circumstances, for I grieve for the death of my husband, Gustav Two-Teeth. He was struck down in cold blood by a barbarian named Sigvatr the Strong, over a foolish argument."
  • I'm sorry, %PCName, but I'm not in the best of spirits. As you know, my Gustav was murdered and I seek wergild as compensation for his death."
  • %PCName, you have returned. I'd ask if you have extracted wergild from Sigvatr the Strong, but I know that is too much to hope for."
  • Hello, dear %PCName. It is so cold outside! Come in and warm yourself. Maybe a nap would help restore your strength?"

  • Sigvatr the Strong
  • "Sigvatr killed my Gustav, and I can never forgive him for that. But at least Pinetear is now mine, and wergild has been paid."
  • "He was my husband's friend. Sigvatr and Gustav were drinking, and Sigvatr...he...he slew my husband where he stood! There were witnesses! I demand wergild, the traditional retribution of my people. It is my right."
  • wergild
  • "Wergild is the traditional Nord rite of retribution. When a life is taken, that life must be accounted for. My Gustav is irreplaceable, but there must be compensation for his murder. I do not wish Sigvatr dead. I only want his family heirloom, the gem Pinetear. Pinetear is rather small, and not very valuable, but it means much to Sigvatr. If I were to gain possession of Pinetear, it would serve as fitting payment for Gustav's death. Will you help me extract wergild from Sigvatr the Strong?"
  • You will have your retribution, Kolfinna. I will bring you the gem Pinetear. "May Mara smile on you, %PCName. Sigvatr the Strong is known to hunt near a formation of standing stones called the Altar of Thrond. It is northwest of here, and just west of the Harstrad River. But be careful! Sigvatr wields a powerful magic hammer called Rammekald. It can freeze a foe where he stands. is the weapon that killed my sweet Gustav. Go now, and when you have Pinetear, bring it to me."
  • I'm sorry, Kolfinna, but no. Your family matter does not concern me. "Well, I see. So be it, then. My husband lies dead, and I shall live the rest of my life poor and alone. Maybe some day I will have the wergild that is my right, if someone is brave enough to claim it. Good day,  %PCName."
  • "If you're going to help me, please hurry. I won't be able to rest until my husband's life has been compensated for."
  • "You have brought me Pinetear! You have my eternal thanks, %PCName. I have been compensated for my husband's murder, as is our custom. As a token of my gratitude, I welcome you into my family and home. Rest in my bed whenever you feel weary, and take this key. It will unlock my husband's chest, there in the corner. Everything it contains is now yours."
  • "Thanks to you, the right of wergild has been paid. Pinetear is mine, and Gustav's spirit will rest well now, knowing that I have received compensation for his death."