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Bloodmoon:A Wife's Retribution

Bloodmoon: Quests: Miscellaneous Quests
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Help extract wergild for a grieving widow.
Quest Giver: Kolfinna in her dwelling east of Raven Rock
Location(s): Kolfinna's Dwelling, Altar of Thrond
Reward: Assorted armor, weapons, and potions
Disposition: +100 (Kolfinna)
ID: BM_Retribution
Kolfinna has been wronged...

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Kolfinna in her dwelling east of Raven Rock.
  2. Find Sigvatr the Strong southwest of Lake Fjalding.
  3. Get retribution for the widow, one way or another.
  4. Return the jewel Pinetear to Kolfinna.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

The WidowEdit

You will find Kolfinna in her dwelling exactly east of Raven Rock on the western bank of the Iggnir River.

Speak to her and she will mention that you have found her during a terrible time, as her husband Gustav Two-Teeth has been slain by his friend Sigvatr the Strong. Inquire further and she will tell you that she demands wergild ("compensation") from Sigvatr.

She will tell you that he can be found hunting near the Altar of Thrond and that you are to obtain his family heirloom, the gem Pinetear, and return it to her. She tells you that killing him is not required, but that she does not care either way.

Sigvatr the Strong is out hunting, in any weather.

Find the HunterEdit

You will find him on the western side of the Harstrad River, just south of the Altar of Thrond.

Upon initiating dialogue with him, he will scoff at her request saying that Gustav got what he had coming. If you can raise his disposition to at least 90, selecting the topic wergild will cause him to give you the gem after expressing his remorse; otherwise you will have to kill him.

It is also possible to pickpocket the gem from Sigvatr.


Return to Kolfinna, who will be very grateful and welcome you into her family, allowing you to rest in her home whenever you wish. You will also receive the key to Gustav's chest, which contains various items that are now yours, although they are not worth much.


  • If you slay Sigvatr the Strong, you get to keep his weapon, the unique war hammer Rammekald.
  • If you refuse to take Kolfinna's quest, her disposition towards you drops ten points.


  • Sigvatr the Strong will give you an additional Pinetear when you ask about wergild after the quest has been completed. This can be used to gain unlimited Pinetears if you drop it from your inventory each time.

Quest StagesEdit

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

A Wife's Retribution (BM_Retribution)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 The widow Kolfinna wants my help in extracting wergild, the traditional retribution of the Nords, for the murder of her husband. I am to obtain Sigvatr the Strong's family heirloom, the gem Pinetear, and return it to Kolfinna at her dwelling on the western bank of the Iggnir River. All Kolfinna wants is Pinetear; I don't necessary have to kill Sigvatr the Strong.
20 I have refused Kolfinna's request that I extract wergild from Sigvatr the Strong. I know better than to get involved is such a sensitive family matter.
30 I have agreed to assist the widow Kolfinna in extracting wergild from Sigvatr the Strong. The barbarian was last seen hunting near the Altar of Thrond, a stone formation to the northwest of Kolfinna's dwelling, just west of the Harstrad River. I am to obtain Sigvatr's gem Pinetear and return it to Kolfinna. It matters not whether the barbarian lives or dies, so long as Kolfinna gets the gem.
40 I spoke with Sigvatr the Strong and tried to coax Pinetear from his possession, but my attempt was a failure. If I can gain Sigvatr's friendship and then appeal to his sense of guilt, I may be able to get Pinetear without a fight.
50 Sigvatr the Strong has been overcome with guilt for the death of Gustav Two-Teeth, and agrees to make amends. He has given me his ancestral gem Pinetear, which I am to present to Kolfinna as payment of wergild.
60 Sigvatr the Strong would not surrender Pinetear, so I was forced to slay him. I must deliver the gem to Kolfinna as payment of wergild.
70 Like the shadow of a snake, my hand darted inside the purse of Sigvatr the Strong and withdrew his ancestral gem, Pinetear. If I return the gem to Kolfinna the widow, it will serve as payment of wergild for the murder of her husband.
100 Finishes quest  Pinetear has been delivered to the widow Kolfinna, thereby fulfilling the extraction of wergild. Kolfinna was deeply touched by my efforts, and now considers me a member of her family. I can sleep in Kolfinna's bed at any time, and she has given me a key to her husband's old chest. I can have whatever it contains.