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Bloodmoon:Ingmar in a Bind

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A young warrior needs a decoy. Interested?
Quest Giver: Ingmar at Valbrandr Barrow
Location(s): Valbrandr Barrow
Reward: Belt of Orc's Strength
Disposition: +40 (Ingmar)
ID: BM_Ingmar
Difficulty: Low
Ingmar is a little challenged

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Meet Ingmar out in the wilderness under a large stone arch, next to the Valbrandr Barrow.
  2. Let Ingmar kill a draugr in a Rite-of-Passage and keep him alive.
  3. Meet Ingmar in the village for a Belt of Orc's Strength as reward.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Killing a Draugr is a Rite-of-Passage...

Meet Ingmar, the challenged WarriorEdit

You'll find the warrior Ingmar out in the wilderness under a large stone arch, next to the Valbrandr Barrow, just north of the Skogsdrake Barrow on the east side of the island.

Ingmar will ask you to help him kill the draugr in the Valbrandr Barrow, a task that all Skaal adolescents must complete before becoming true men. Unfortunately, Ingmar has had difficulty killing it, and cannot return home until the creature is dead. Agree to help him distract the creature while Ingmar kills it.

Facing the DraugrEdit

The barrow is very small and you'll meet the draugr right away. Remember to let the draugr attack you (without retaliating) while Ingmar tries to kill it. It doesn't take too long but be ready with some healing magic/potions just in case. A high block skill is also useful. Once the draugr is dead speak to Ingmar again to receive his thanks and permission to take any of the treasure in the tomb (nothing special other than the three Raw Stalhrim). He will also tell you to come visit him at his house, back in the Skaal Village.

Getting the rewardEdit

Once you go to Ingmar's house in Skaal, you will find Ingmar inside. Talk again with him, who will thank you again and give you the Belt of Orc's Strength, which was given to him by the Skaal as a reward for defeating the draugr.


  • Be sure to remove any equipment/spell effects that damage your attacker (e.g. Fire Shield from Fathasa's ring). If the draugr is damaged by its effects then that will count as you attacking it.
  • If you attack the Valbrandr draugr, Ingmar's disposition immediately drops by 50. If you later visit Ingmar's house, he will be enraged by the disgrace you have caused him, and will immediately attack you. You can retrieve the Belt of Orc's Strength from his corpse.
  • If you want to trap the Valbrandr draugr's soul (as it is unique), it is possible to use soul trap before Ingmar kills it without any negative consequence. However, Ingmar must do the damage rather than the player or any other NPC. For example, if the player misses the opportunity to soul trap the draugr in the barrow and tries to spawn it at a village or fort using the console, having the guards attack and kill the draugr will still count as the player intervening and result in the corresponding journal entry (even after the quest is finished). To avoid this, it is possible to spawn the draugr and have it attack Ingmar again using the StartCombat console command (remembering to set Ingmar as the target).

Quest StagesEdit

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Ingmar in a Bind (BM_Ingmar)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I came upon a young Skaal warrior named Ingmar, just outside the Valbrandr Barrow. In order to rise to manhood within the Skaal, Ingmar must single-handedly defeat the Valbrandr draugr. Unfortunately, Ingmar has already tried to kill the draugr once and almost got himself killed.
20 Ingmar asked for my help in defeating the Valbrandr draugr, but I refused. Skaal tradition dictates he must kill the draugr alone to rise to manhood, and I'm not about to interfere.
30 I've agreed to help Ingmar in his quest to kill the Valbrandr draugr. He's supposed to defeat the creature alone, but has already tried once and failed. When we enter the Valbrandr barrow, I'm to act as a shield or distraction, but am not to attack the draugr in any way. At least this way, it will be easier for Ingmar to lie to himself, and the rest of the Skaal....
35 Though he fought bravely, Ingmar was killed. May the Skaal remember him as a warrior.
40 While in the Valbrandr Barrow, I attacked the draugr. I hope Ingmar understands.
45 Finishes quest  Ingmar saw me attack the Valbrandr draugr, and is now completely distraught. He says that because he didn't kill the draugr by himself, he'll never be considered a man by the Skaal.
50 The Valbrandr draugr is dead. I acted as a distraction while Ingmar landed the blows.
60 Ingmar thanked me for my help. Now he can return to the Skaal and tell them he single-handedly killed the draugr. As a show of thanks, Ingmar said he's going to leave all the barrow's treasure alone, so I'm free to take as much as I want. He also invited me to visit him at his house in the Skaal Village, if ever I get the chance.
100 Finishes quest  I met Ingmar in his house in the Skaal Village, and he presented me with a Belt of Orc's Strength. It was given to him by the Skaal in honor of the Valbrandr draugr's defeat, and he thought I should have it.