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Bloodmoon: People
Ingmar (ingmar)
Location Solstheim, Isinfier Plains
Skaal Village
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 10 Class Warrior
Other Information
Health 200 Magicka 74
Alarm 0 Fight 30
Follower During Ingmar in a Bind
Faction(s) Skaal

Ingmar is a Nord warrior who is waiting outside Valbrandr Barrow for somebody to help him slay a beast and become a true man in the eyes of the Skaal. After his quest, he can be found in the Skaal Village.

He is wearing a full set of bear armor as well as a common shirt with matching pants. He is also carrying the unique Nordic broadsword, Solvistapp. Aside from his natural resistance to shock, immunity to frost, ability to shield himself, and a natural frost damage spell, he knows no spells.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Ingmar in a BindEdit

When you first meet Ingmar, he is standing just outside of Valbrandr Barrow, he will shout over to you:

"You there! Can you help a warrior in trouble?"

If you speak with him, he will explain what he is doing there and will ask you to assist him with his task:

"Hail, %PCName. I'm not sure what your business is out here in the wild, but I'm glad you're not one of my Skaal brothers. They'd surely wonder why I'm not inside the barrow, killing the Valbrandr draugr."
Valbrandr draugr
"Aye, it's the draugr that resides here in Valbrandr Barrow. I'm supposed to kill it, you see. Single-handedly. Killing a draugr is a task every Skaal lad must complete before becoming a man. Only...I can't kill it. I've tried. It nearly slit my throat! But I can't return to my village until it's dead. Say...maybe you could help! You could go with me, serve as a distraction!"
That wouldn't be right, Ingmar. You've got to kill this creature yourself.
"You're right, I know. I just fear that if I confront the creature again, it may be my end. So be it. Farewell, %PCName."
All right, I'll help. No sense letting you get killed.
[Disposition +10.] "Good! With your help I'll make short work of the draugr! Lead on, %PCName. I'll follow, and when we encounter the beast you distract it while I attack. Please, do not attack the draugr! I alone must attack and kill it. At least then, well...I may retain a shred of my honor, and will at least feel like I earned my place among my people, even if I did get a little help."

Should you decide that Ingmar ought to defeat the draugr without your help, he will decline any further attempts from you to speak with him:

"Leave me, %PCName. I asked for your help, and you refused. We have no more business together."

If, on the other hand, you decide to help Ignmar out, he will act as your follower until the encounter with the draugr is over. As long as the draugr is still alive, asking Ingmar about it will prompt him to say the following.

"Lead on, %PCName. The undead beast roams the halls of the Valbrandr Barrow."
Valbrandr draugr
"Aye, it's the draugr that resides here in Valbrandr Barrow. A foul, undead beast!"

The way in which the encounter inside the barrow plays out is of pivotal importance to how Ingmar will treat you from this point onwards. If you kept your word and endured the draugr's attacks without striking the undead creature yourself, the Nord will be elated:

"Did you see me? I fought like a wolf possessed! Ha!"
[Disposition +30.] "By the gods, that was a good fight! Did you see me? I was magnificent! With the draugr dead, I am truly a man. I've got to get back to the Skaal Village and tell my brothers the good news. If you're ever in the village, come to my house and I shall greet you as a brother. Oh, and %PCName...I trust you'll keep this between the two of us. I wish I could offer some kind of reward, but I have so little. I know -- I shall leave the draugr's treasure be. It is yours, my friend. Take all you like!"
Valbrandr draugr
"He's dead by my hand, finally. Thanks again for the assistance, %PCName."

In this same scenario, if you meet him in the Skaal village, he will welcome you with enthusiasm and reward you for your help back in the barrow:

[Belt of Orc's Strength has been added to your inventory.] "Hail, %PCName! It is good to see you again! Welcome to my home. I was hoping you would stop by. I have something for you. In honor of my defeat of the Valbrandr draugr, my fellow Skaal presented me with a Belt of Orc's Strength. Here -- I want you to have it. After all, you earned it. My thanks again for everything."

Speaking with him again prompts him to say:

"Good to see you again, %PCName. I hope our fair island is treating you well enough."

Alternatively, if you opt to attack the draugr instead of remaining idle while it tries to kill you in the barrow, Ignmar will be distraught:

[Disposition -50.] " attacked the draugr! Bad enough I had you serve as a distraction, but now I can't even claim the killing blow! Now I must return to my village, either a liar or a failure. I trusted you, %PCName. Leave me now, to ponder my hopeless fate."

Trying to speak with him again while he is still inside the barrow prompts him to angrily say:

"I trusted you not to attack the draugr, %PCName, and you betrayed me. You have doomed me to a life of hopelessness! Leave me, deceiver!"

In contrast to the way in which the quest proceeds if you choose not to attack the draugr, it is unnecessary to speak with Ingmar after you leave the barrow, as the quest will end as soon as he scolds you for breaking your promise. However, it is possible to talk to Ingmar again after he returns to the Skaal village, which prompts the Nord to attack you in a fit of rage:

"%PCName. You're the last person I expected to see. Did you come to my house to witness the spectacle? To gaze upon Ingmar the Unfit, Ingmar the Weak, Ingmar the Untested? You robbed me of victory. Robbed me of my place among my people! Now, you come into my very home, to mock me? You shall pay for your treachery!"

The Missing MissionaryEdit

Although Ingmar does not play a major role in this quest, he can be of some help in your efforts to find Mirisa:

Mirisa never returned
"I met the lass a few weeks ago, while I was out here hunting bear for Brynjolfr. She was headed to Thirsk to preach about her gods. If you ask me, that woman's more interested in getting us Nords to give up our mead than convert to her shrine. Must have something against drinking. She'd better be good and blessed if she plans on spreading that dung in the mead hall!"


  • As for other NPCs in Solstheim, Ingmar's dialogue answers change according to his location. When you first meet him and ask him about the Skaal, he will talk as if he's not part of them. The answer is even more confusing when asked about Tharsten Heart-Fang, the Skaal leader: Ingmar is not completely sure who he is. Once he's back to his home instead, he will answer as any other Skaal member.