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Uncle Sweetshare (uncle sweetshare)
House Uncle Sweetshare's Workshop
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 25 Class Alchemist
Other Information
Health 144 Magicka 200
Alarm 40 Fight 30
Uncle Sweetshare

Uncle Sweetshare is an insane Nord alchemist, likely driven mad by moon sugar, who likes to give "candy to all the boys and girls" at Fort Frostmoth. Unfortunately, this has caused several deaths and other ill consequences, and you will be expected to put a stop to it.

Outside Uncle Sweetshare's house, a dead Khajiit can be found. Asking him about this will confirm that he poisoned his "apprentice".

He wears a white Colovian fur helm and a common robe. He carries a wooden staff, five samples of moon sugar, a copy of the Alchemy skill book The Song of Uncle Sweetshare, and a grandmaster's mortar and pestle. Aside from his natural resistance to shock, immunity to frost, ability to shield himself, and a natural frost damage spell, he knows the following spells: Dire Weary, Strong Fire Shield, Strong Frost Shield, Second Barrier, Strong Shock Shield, Strong Reflect, Strong Spelldrinker, Wild Spelldrinker, Absorb Speed [Ranged], and Absorb Strength [Ranged].

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related DialogueEdit

"He he! Ha ha! Can it be? A visitor in my workshop? How can I help you, sweet %PCName? I have candy treats to spare, if you come in search of happiness!"
candy treats
"My candy treats are tasty, they are! And filled with special sugar and love! They bring happiness! Happiness to everyone on Solstheim! That's what I do, you see! I give out my special sugary treats and spread happiness throughout the land! It's difficult work, but oh so very rewarding! M'nashi certainly thought so. Ahh, M'nashi, the dear lad...."
"M'nashi was my assistant! He helped me make my candy! He so loved his sugar, M'nashi did. Loved it a little too much, I'm afraid! He died, you see. His, ah, sweet tooth got the better of him. I buried him, just outside. We had a lovely little ceremony. The horkers came and sang for him, they did! He he he! Ha ha ha ha ha!"
moon sugar investigation
"That Severia Gratius is so grumpy! Maybe I should visit her next! Because that's what I do, %PCName! I visit the sad and miserable and spread all the happiness I can! It is the way of Uncle Sweetshare, you see! Now that Jeleen, there's a sad, sad boy. His true love has disappeared, don't you know. Very sad, very sad. That's why I sang to him, %PCName! He needed something extra, something special! Sugar and a song! It cures all!"
Uncle Sweetshare
"That's me, you see! Uncle Sweetshare! Just like in the children's rhyme! When I found that old song the lyrics moved me like nothing else in my life! I knew at that moment who I truly was, and what I was meant to do! So I had this workshop built! I make treats here, you see! Delicious treats with the special sugar! Moon sugar! He he, ha ha! Then I spread my cheer throughout the land! But it's all a secret! Shhhhhhhh...."
You're mad, and must be punished for your crimes!
"He he he he he! Mad? Mad, you call me? Oh no, is you who are mad! For how can anyone who doesn't recognize true happiness ever be considered sane? Oh why oh why can't you people just be happy? Well, let's get to it then! He he he, ha ha!"
Promise you'll stop poisoning people, and I'll spare your life. Just give me your white helm and I'll bring it back to Severia Gratius as 'proof' of your death.
"Give you my helm? Stop sharing...stop sharing my sugar? He...heh...ho...hmmm.... Distressing...most distressing.... But you WILL let me live? I do so love to live, %PCName! All right, then. We have a deal! Here's my white helm, and you have my promise I will not spread any more cheer! I will keep my candy all to myself! That won't be so bad, will it? He he he he! Ha ha ha!"

If spoken to after if you spared him:

"Ha ha! What's this? Why it's little %PCName, come to pay Uncle Sweetshare a visit! I've been a good boy, %PCName! I promise! He he he he he!"
Uncle Sweetshare
"Why that's me, %PCName! At used to be me. I don't feel much like Uncle Sweetshare anymore, to tell you the truth! Not without my white helm! But that's just fine! Ha ha ha ha! Because I still have my scrumptious treats, with all the sugar I can eat! He he he he he!"


  • Voice:
    • Greetings:
      • "Candy, candy -- he makes so much! Uncle Sweetshare has a magic touch! So it's back to the workshop in the snow! With lovely lanterns all aglow! He he! Ha ho! He he he ha ha ho!"
    • Idle:
      • "Candy, candy -- he makes so much! Uncle Sweetshare has a magic touch!"
      • "Uncle Sweetshare is coming near, to spread his candy and his cheer!"
      • "So it's back to the workshop in the snow! With lovely lanterns all aglow! He he! Ha ho! He he he ha ha ho!"
      • "It's better than trinkets, games or toys! So say all the little girls and boys!"
      • "When the sugar is warmed by the pale hearth light, the happiness spreads throughout the night!"
      • "My Uncle's candy is so sweet! It's such a yummy winter's treat!"
      • "He he! Ha ho! To the worskhop he will go!"


  • Uncle Sweetshare was originally going to be named Grandfather Frost. See his page for more details.
  • A witness states that Sweetshare "probably wasn't a Nord", while he clearly is one. It is possible that this bit of dialogue wasn't changed while Uncle Sweetshare was - the original Grandfather Frost was a Breton and the original voices for Uncle Sweetshare are that of a Breton male.