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Antonius Nuncius (antonius nuncius)
Location Fort Frostmoth, Imperial Cult Shrine
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level 45 Class Priest
Other Information
Health 215 Magicka 200
Alarm 0 Fight 30
Antonius Nuncius

Antonius Nuncius is an Imperial priest who serves at the Imperial Cult Shrine in Fort Frostmoth. He is not happy at having been posted on what he calls this "terrible frozen excuse for an island" and has come up with a plan to get himself reassigned to Vvardenfell.

He wears a common robe with matching shoes. He carries a silver staff, a bottle of mazte, a bottle of sujamma, and 250 drakes.

Aside from his natural charm and ability to absorb fatigue from others, he knows the following spells: Second Barrier, Summon Clannfear, Wild Clumsiness, Wild Distraction, Drain Destruction, Drain Alteration, Drain Conjuration, Drain Mysticism, Drain Restoration, Drain Alchemy, Drain Unarmored, Drain Blunt Weapon, Strong Reflect, Strong Spelldrinker, Wild Spelldrinker, Absorb Agility [Ranged], Drain Blood, Absorb Luck [Ranged], Absorb Personality [Ranged], Absorb Speed [Ranged], Absorb Strength [Ranged], Absorb Willpower [Ranged], Blood Despair, Masterful Golden Wisdom, Masterful Smiting, Masterful Transcendant Wisdom, Masterful Red Wisdom, Masterful Unseen Wisdom, Vivec's Mercy, and Toxic Cloud.

Related QuestsEdit


Antonus Nuncius:
"I am Antonius Nuncius."
Fort Frostmoth:
"There are better places to be sent than this place."

Quest-Related DialogueEdit

Rebellion at FrostmothEdit

When first spoken to:

"What do you want?"
morale has been low:
"Yes, I know it has. These soldiers lead a difficult existence on this island. It's cold, wet, dangerous, and far from home. The men here are denied all luxuries. This place is just damned awful!"
Dry Fort
"Yes...odd that the Captain would ban liquor for his troops. There's no understanding some people."
He tells me he never banned alcohol.
"Told you that, did he? I guess he never officially did. Still, the shipments stopped arriving. What's to be done about that?"
shipments stopped arriving
"Well, I have no idea why. I am but a simple priest, forced to serve these pathetic soldiers on this terrible frozen excuse for an island. It's not my concern why the alcohol hasn't arrived. You have no proof I've done anything wrong. Stop asking me these questions!"
Thank you for your help.
"I am here to help. As if I had a choice."

Once you find his liquor cabinet:

morale has been low
"It has, but that's all I know. Why should I know any more? I'm just a priest."
Dry Fort
"Yes, yes. Terrible thing. Don't know why you'd be asking me about it. Did I mention how the shipments stopped arriving?"
shipments stopped arriving
"Well, I have no idea.... You've been in my desk? My desk? You've been in there? Why...that's an outrage! Stolen liquor? I have no idea.... All right. Perhaps I have been hiding the alcohol. It was for their own good! And...I had hoped that if the soldiers got fed up and revolted, I'd be able to justify going home to my superiors. Look, I don't want any trouble from you."
I'll need to report this to Carius.
"I'm finished. I'll never leave this island now. At least not alive. Carius will have my head! What have you done? I hope you're happy, %PCName."
Your secret is safe with me.
"Thank you. Thank you so much. Look, take this key. You'll find all of the misplaced liquor in the closet. The troops will be happy to have it again. I'm sure they'll be more than happy to talk to you. Just don't tell them what I did."

After the quest:

"What can I do for you?"
Fort Frostmoth
"This place? Awful. Terrible. I'd do anything to get out of here. But, it has been decided that this is where I am to spend the prime of my life. Here, ministering to these savages and fools."
Dry Fort
"We've discussed that enough, I think."
morale has been low
"I don't want to talk about that further." / "Seems you've taken care of that."
shipments stopped arriving
"I think we've said all there is to say about that."