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Bloodmoon: Services
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Needs Merc level and gold for Ulfrun
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The following is a list of merchants added by the Bloodmoon expansion.

Name Class Faction Gold Merc Location Buys
# Armor Clothing Weapons Ingredients Potions Books Thieves Tools Lights Apparatus Repair Items Miscellaneous Magic Items
Alcedonia Amnis Publican East Empire Company 2(Steward) 1000 Master (100) Raven Rock, Bar 2 I P
Bereditte Jastal Bookseller 250 Expert (48) Thirsk (upstairs) 1 B
Bronrod the Roarer Healer Service Skaal 500 Novice (8) Raven Rock, Bar 2 I P
Brynjolfr Smith 600 Novice (6) Thirsk (-19, 23) 3 A W R
Mirisa Monk Imperial Cult 3(Acolyte) 300 Novice (13) Fort Frostmoth, Imperial Cult Shrine 2 I P
Sabrina Vitellia Smith 10000 Apprentice (19) Raven Rock, Smith 3 A W R
Sathyn Andrano Trader East Empire Company 5(Negotiator) 10000 Master (69) Raven Rock, Trader 10 A C W I P B L R M E
Snedbrir the Smith Smith Skaal 2500 Novice (10) Skaal Village, Snedbrir the Smith 3 A W R
Ulfrun Barbarian Thirsk 1 P
Zeno Faustus Guard Imperial Legion 3(Agent) 1500 Apprentice (19) Fort Frostmoth, Armory 2 A W