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Lore:Tenmar Forest

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Tenmar Forest
Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province Elsweyr
Appears in Arena
Tenmar Forest
A map of Elsweyr showing the location of Tenmar Forest

The Tenmar Forest, also known as the Tenmar Jungle[1], in southern Elsweyr is a large region lying between Torval, the seat of the Mane, and the busy seaport of Senchal.[2] Primarily known for the production and export of moon sugar, its sugarcane groves are venerated and diligently guarded by the Khajiit.[2]

The forest is home to two sub-species of Khajiit rarely found elsewhere, the Dagi and Dagi-raht.[3] The Tenmar Forest once contained the ancient Kingdom of Tenmar, one of the original sixteen states of Elsweyr. It was known for its jungle and tree-folk.[4]

Tenmar Senche-Tigers and Tenmar Senche-Leopards are fearsome predators of the Forest, however, the Leopards are also bred by Khajiit for hunting.[5]


Circa 2E 582, a dragon named Maarselok, spread an infectious disease known as Azure Blight to the local fauna and flora, which corrupted them, and caused them to become extremely aggressive to all. The source of the disease was from a mountain in Tenmar, and was destined to spread into Valenwood if not stopped. Fortunately, a group of Undaunted and a changeling stopped the Azure Blight by killing Maarselok.[6]

During the Imperial Simulacrum in the late Third Era, the town of Tenmar Forest had its name loaned from the region. It was ruled by Baroness Rajjan. It had a rivalry with Portneu View and Darvulk Haven.[7] It was neighbored by several settlements, including Black Heights in the east, and Chasegrove in the northwest.[8]