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Beyte Fyr (beyte fyr)
Home Town Tel Fyr
Location Onyx Hall
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Level 18 Class Spellsword
Other Information
Health 161 Magicka 128
Alarm 70 Fight 30
Essential Unofficially
Beyte Fyr

Beyte Fyr, a Dark Elf spellsword, is one of the four "daughters" of Divayth Fyr. She is actually a female clone of Divayth, and according to Divayth Fyr is a "side benefit of [his] researches into corprus disease." She is responsible for cooking and entertaining, and can be found in Onyx Hall.

She has three "sisters": Alfe, Delte, and Uupse.

She wears a bonemold cuirass with matching greaves, pauldrons, bracers, and boots. She carries a silver longsword. Aside from her natural resistance to fire and the sanctuary provided by her ancestors, she knows the spells Masterful Red Wisdom, Slowfall, Variable Resist Corpus Disease, Poet's Whim, Orc Strength, Powerwell, Blood Despair, Absorb Willpower, Sleep, Wild Levitate, Cruel Weary, Crushing Burden of Sin, and Crushing Burden.


  • Greeting:
    • "Have you come to plunder the dungeon? Or have you got corprus disease? Or did you come to see Divayth Fyr? I'm Beyte Fyr. I'm the wife of Divayth Fyr. One of them. Sort of."
    • "Are you here to plunder the dungeon? Have you got corprus disease? Did you want to talk to Divayth Fyr?"
  • corprus disease: "Everyone who gets corprus disease comes to our Corprusarium. It's not very pleasant, but at least they're all fed and cared for."
  • Divayth Fyr: "He's up above in his study. I hope you can fly. You can't get up there unless you can fly. Or have potions. Sorry."
  • plunder the dungeon: "You'd be surprised how many people come in here trying to steal Lord Fyr's treasures. He does have quite a collection of relics and artifacts. But he keeps them down in the Corprusarium. And who wants to risk catching corprus disease? Not to mention who wants to get ripped in half. Pity. We don't see many good thieves here. Just the stupid ones."
  • wife of Divayth Fyr: "Yes. Well. Not 'wife' in the 'married' sense. But... you know. 'Paramour.' 'Consort.' Something like that. It's a bit awkward, really. Because... well... he made us, too, so, though we aren't really his daughters or anything, it's LIKE we were his daughters. Because he made us. You see?"


  • It is likely that she was the second of the four to be created, since her name is "Beyte", which corresponds with second letter of Greek Alphabet, Beta.
  • While Beyte Fyr isn't technically listed as Essential (you won't receive any warning for killing her), if you kill her before or while doing the Corprus Cure quest, her death will make it impossible to complete.
  • Beyte also appears as a card in Legends.