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Morrowind:Cure Paralyzation

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MW-icon-effect-Cure Paralyzation.jpg Cure Paralyzation
School Restoration
Type Restorative
Base Cost 100
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Built-in Potions
Magic Apparel

Cure Paralyzation
Does pretty much what you'd expect it to - cures the target of the effects of Paralyzation. It is mostly useful for curing other people of this affliction, as it is, of course, impossible to cast any spells or use any enchanted items while you yourself are paralyzed. The only way you can possibly use this effect on yourself when it would be any use is by means of a potion or Corkbulb Root, as these can be consumed while paralyzed.

Related EffectsEdit

Alchemy IngredientsEdit

The following alchemy ingredients can be used to make a potion of Cure Paralyzation:

* May be eaten straight, since it is a first-effect ingredient.