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MW-icon-effect-Paralyze.jpg Paralyze
School Illusion
Type Offensive
Base Cost 40
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Built-in Potions
The Lover
Magic Weapons
Magic Apparel
Unique Weapons
Unique Weapons TR
Unique Clothing
Daedric Crescent
Spear of the Hunter BM

Paralyze for D seconds

Causes the target to become completely immobile for the duration. When paralyzed, you may not move, attack, cast spells, or use enchanted items or scrolls. You may, however, still use potions or eat ingredients. You can also equip and un-equip items, which can be helpful in the case of items which are scripted to cast spells when equipped. Note that some enemies, most notably vampires, are completely immune to paralysis.


  • Paralyzed opponents become immediately vulnerable to health damage from Hand-to-hand attacks, which normally only damage health after an opponent has been knocked unconscious due to fatigue loss. When the paralysis wears off, Hand-to-Hand attacks will once again damage fatigue first.
  • Paralyze can be resisted by having high Willpower.
  • Resist Magicka has no effect on Paralysis. It can still be Absorbed or Reflected, however.
  • If you successfully paralyze a Cliff Racer while it is airborne, it will fall from the sky, but will not take any damage upon collision with the ground.
  • Paralyzed water creatures (dreugh and slaughterfish) will float to the surface as though dead.

Related EffectsEdit

Alchemy IngredientsEdit

The following ingredients can be used to create a potion of Paralyze:

* These are first-effect ingredients, so you will be paralyzed by eating them straight as well.