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Morrowind:Fire Damage

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MW-icon-effect-Fire Damage.jpg Fire Damage
School Destruction
Type Offensive
Base Cost 5
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Magic Weapons
Magic Apparel

Fire Damage M points for D seconds

Damages the target using fire by M points for D seconds.


  • Fire Damage has a speed scale of 1.25, so ranged spells with only a "Fire Damage" effect will travel faster than all other spells. If combined with any other spell effects, however, the projectile will travel at the regular speed.
  • The Dark Elves, the most populous race on Vvardenfell, have a natural resistance to fire. This makes Fire Damage slightly less effective compared to other elemental damage when dealing with humanoid opponents.
    • However, many undead creatures are either resistant or immune to all elements except Fire. Taking its low base cost and high projectile speed into consideration, Fire Damage remains a viable option for elemental attacks.

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