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MW-icon-effect-Invisibility.jpg Invisibility
School Illusion
Type Defensive
Base Cost 20
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Built-in Potions

Invisibility for D seconds

Causes the target to become completely invisible and undetectable for the duration of the spell. Activating anything, such as talking to or attacking somebody, picking up an item, opening a door or container, or any other action other than just moving will cancel the spell. Your Sneak skill is irrelevant when invisible. You are completely undetectable unless you activate something.


  • Invisibility can be used to bypass hostiles in a dungeon, the Corprusarium for example. In such a case, running or fortifying your speed is recommended to get you where you want to go before the effect expires. Note that opening closed doors between you and your destination will cancel the effect.
  • Invisibility is a viable alternative to Sneak for stealth-related quests. When used during assassination quests, it can ensure that you get the first strike. Bear in mind that your attack is not undetectable; you may still incur a bounty for assault or murder.
  • Some players prefer Chameleon, which is not cancelled when activating anything. On the other hand, however, Invisibility makes you completely undetectable.
  • A constant effect Invisibility enchantment simply extends the duration indefinitely; the effect still ends if you interact with anything. You'll need to take off the constant effect item and put it back on to become invisible again.
  • Players interested in experimenting with Invisibility may want to try the Shadow birthsign, which grants a free and infallible 60-second invisibility spell once each day.
  • When invisible, you can bump into creatures and NPCs without being detected. You can use this mechanic to nudge stationary NPCs around. This does not work for roaming NPCs.

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Alchemy IngredientsEdit

The following ingredients can be used to make a potion of Invisibility: