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This article describes the magical effect Shield. For information on physical, armor shields see Shield (item).
MW-icon-effect-Shield.jpg Shield
School Alteration
Type Defensive
Base Cost 2.0
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Potion of Heroism

Shield M points for D seconds

Increases the target's Armor Rating by M points for D seconds. This effect creates a magical shield around the subject's entire body.


  • In many cases, it is more efficient to fortify your armor skill. Provided the base armor value of all of your armor is higher than 15 and you are fully covered in one type of armor (only heavy, only medium, or only light armor) you will get more protection per magicka point if you fortify the appropriate armor skill instead.
  • The higher the base armor value of your armor is, the more pronounced the benefit will be. For example, with a full set of daedric armor, you'll get 2.7 armor points for each skill level compared to only one armor point for each point of magnitude of the shield effect.
  • This may or may not apply to the unarmored skill for unarmored characters depending on how high the skill was to begin with.
  • The shield effect may still be preferable for characters with a higher alteration skill relative to their restoration skill, and the shield effect is not diminished by armor damage the way a fortified armor skill is.

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