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Morrowind:Sjorvar Horse-Mouth's House

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Sjorvar Horse-Mouth's House
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# of Zones 1
Sjorvar Horse-Mouth
Console Location Code(s)
Sjorvar Horse-Mouth's House
West Gash, [-5,4]
Sjorvar Horse-Mouth's House

Sjorvar Horse-Mouth's House is an isolated hut in the West Gash east of Ilunibi.

The interior of the house

The house is located in the middle of nowhere on the last ridge before the Bitter Coast, northwest of Caldera off the road to Gnaar Mok. Standing outside his home is Sjorvar Horse-Mouth, a master-at-arms and one of the Blades trainers.

After you open the front door and enter the house, you will find yourself in a fairly small shack with few furnishings. Immediately to your left are two sacks containing random food and another sack containing random ingredients. To your right is a crate with some bottles on top of it that most notably has a small chance of containing random special and marksman loot. The crate also has a 25% chance of holding a random restore attribute potion, and a much higher chance of holding some other random loot. In the southwest corner of the house is a stool and a table that holds some lower-class dishes. To the north of the table in the northwest corner is a variety of containers, including two sacks containing random food, a sack containing random ingredients, an empty sack, and two urns containing even more food. Beside these containers is a trapped and locked (35) chest that has a chance of containing random special and marksman loot along with 5 gold and some other random items. Located in the corner beside the chest is a hammock with a common shirt situated underneath it.

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Name   Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Sjorvar Horse-Mouth   Nord Master-at-Arms 9 115 72 0 30