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The Morrowind Code Patch (MCP) by Hrnchamd and Psyringe aims to fix bugs and problems in Morrowind which are not addressable with The Elder Scrolls Construction Set. This is done with a user-friendly front-end, which applies only the patches you select to the Morrowind executable, while saving a backup of the original program. Works only with the Morrowind Bloodmoon expansion ver.

There is a discussion thread about this patch on the Bethesda Forums called "Repairing the Cogs of Morrowind".

All features are optional. Each feature can be independently turned off within the installer.


Savegame corruption fix. Fixes the mod matching system, to avoid many sources of game corruption. You can now change your load order without problems. Adding mods to your savegame will now cause much less issues. It also makes saving much cleaner, minimizing things like missing NPCs and objects (the local ref bug).

Delayed spell crash fix. Fixes a crash situation where uncast spells remained in memory or savegame.

Show transparent clothes in the inventory. Transparent items now show up properly on the figure (paper doll) in the inventory window. Depending on video card and driver, this may rarely cause slight graphical issues with other transparent objects.

Enchant glow in fog fix. Enchanted items no longer turn white underwater, in dust storms, or in fog.

Mercantile fix. Merchants should no longer pay less for an item with increasing mercantile skill.

Unarmored fix. Unarmored skill now gives proper damage reduction when you are fully unarmored. Previously you had to wear at least one piece of armor to get any armor rating contribution.

Restore/drain attributes fix. Restore attributes spells did not recognize Fortify effects when restoring. Restore attributes spells now restore up to your fully fortified amount.

StreamMusic volume fix. The StreamMusic script command always set music volume to maximum, this patch prevents that.

Calendar fix. The year now has the full 12 months, starting at Morning Star, and all months have correct number of days.

Merchant equipping fix. When selling to a merchant, they may equip any item they can use, which means it is no longer possible to buy that item back. Now any NPC that barters should no longer equip anything you sell them.

Calm spells fix. Calm humanoid and calm creature force the target out of combat, whatever the magnitude of the spell. With this patch, NPCs and creatures leave combat only if they are sufficiently calmed.

Vampire stats fix. If you had constant effect items equipped when you became a vampire, your stats could be increased by more than they should have (as noted in the GCD readme). The cause was a bug in the Fortify Attribute spell when used as an ability. This fix does not change your stats if you are already a vampire.

Reflected spells fix. When you cast an absorb spell and it's reflected, you absorb from yourself and the enemy gets nothing. Apparently not as intended. Now the enemy will absorb from you instead.

Disposition fix. When talking to someone while under the effect of a personality increase that would push disposition over 100, extra disposition could be lost when the effect expired. This should no longer happen.

Spell magnitude fix. Spells with a variable magnitude (eg. 5-10pts) which affect an attribute, skill or rating would rarely ever achieve the highest (eg. 10pts) magnitude when cast. Now the highest magnitude should have an equal chance to appear.

Dispel fix. Dispel is a chance-based effect, but it would invisibly stack with itself if cast multiple times, until any dispel would always succeed. This makes dispel work as described.

Creature armor damage fix. Creatures that didn't wield weapons but struck with their body wouldn't cause armor damage. This allows them to do so.

Inventory bugs fix. Fixes issues/crashes with inventory updates when using potions/ingredients via quickslot; companions using soul trap and prevents inventory bugs when using companion rings, teleport rings or similar items.

NPC potion use AI. Potions used to be drunk without waiting for their effects to finish, meaning an NPC could go through its whole supply in a second. Potion drinking is now limited to once every 5-6 seconds game time.

Blind fix. The Blind effect gave an attack bonus to the PC instead of a penalty. This should no longer happen.

Gloss map fix. Morrowind removed gloss map entries from model files after loading them. This stops Morrowind from removing them.

Show NPC health bar on healing. Restore health spells now activate the NPC health bar as well, allowing you to see the effect of your healing.

Training prices. Training price now depends on base skill level instead of fortified/drained skill.

Waterwalk bug. No longer causes a check for fall damage if cast while swimming.

Projectile aiming. Correct aiming errors for 1st person and 3rd person.

Particle fixes. Corrects particles peeling away from weapons and projectiles.

Lighting fixes. Corrects several lighting errors.

Loud armor / shield fix. Fixes occasional ridiculously loud armor hit sounds.

Createmaps fix. Causes the createmaps command to skip over interiors, reducing the amount of time it takes to complete.

Better quality splash and title screens. Fixes colour depth issues which reduced splash/title screen quality.

Enable reflection effects on skinned models. Allows skinned objects to have shiny reflection maps and bump maps.

Polish keyboard support. Allows typing of Polish characters in-game.

PlaceAtPC fix. In third person, should make objects land at the correct distance instead of at the player's feet.

Spell deselection fix. Fixes player spell deselection when an NPC unequips / uses up a magical item.

Level-up stats bug fix. Stats that would level to 100 or higher on levelup would get their multiplier reduced to 1 if the stat was on the left column of the level up window.

Bound weapon expiry. When a bound item spell expires it no longer forces you into combat stance.

Stable enchantment list. Enchantments in the spell menu always sort alphabetically instead of sometimes switching to sorting by inventory order.

Intimidate fix. Fixes disposition not increasing by minimum amount on successful intimidate actions (on marginal wins).

Fog of war fix. Fog of war should no longer stop revealing or update an area a long distance away.

Reduce camera clipping. Stops the third person camera from moving closer if an NPC (or activator) is between the player and the camera.

Magicka display accuracy. Causes the magicka display (and all stats displays of the form "current/max") to round down, so that it does not falsely indicate you have more magicka than you do. Also affects the 'charges remaining' display for items in the magic menu.

Hi-def cutscene support. Allows mods to include cutscenes up to 2048x1024 (the default maximum was 640x480).

Potion name bugfix. Stops Morrowind from randomly claiming you should enter a name for a potion, when a name is present.

Spellmaker/enchant edit effect fix. When editing an existing spell effect, the effect range [Touch/Ranged/Self] is no longer reset.

Allow scroll enchant price modifier. Allows enchanting services NPCs to charge a different price for cast once items, like scrolls.

Save file limit warning. Warns you when you go to save and have a large number of save files (over 200) in the directory.

Allow multiple fortify potions. Allows potions to have multiple fortify/drain attribute effects, where it would previously allow only one of the attributes fortified/drained in a set of ingredients to appear in the potion.

Summoned creature crash fix. Prevents crashes from spell effects bound to creatures that have been unsummoned.

Blight storm disease disable. Prevents invisible inactive blight diseases being added in blight storms.

Alchemy name bug. Now also stops custom potion names from being reset every time a potion is made.

Racial variation in speed fix. Normalizes race speed. Orcs were up to 35% faster and bosmer up to 5% slower than baseline before any stats were taken into account due to body scaling.

Trainer price/stat fix. Trainers no longer refuse to train you if your fortified skill points is above theirs, but not your base skill. They also no longer train 1 point past their level. Relatedly the progress bar when you mouseover a skill does not go away if your fortified skill is above 100, but not your base skill.

Game formula corrections. fFatigueSpellBase/fFatigueSpellMult that controls fatigue generated by spellcasting is fixed. PC/NPC weapon damage can now be controlled by the fDamageStrengthBase/Mult GMSTs.

Mouseover menu fixes. Doesn't display next rank for factions with less than 10 ranks that you are a max rank with. Corrects birthsign menu spell text ordering so spells and powers come under the correct headings.

UI display quality fix. Removes texel misalignment blur. Makes all text and icons as sharp as the source textures. Serious interface clarity improvement. MGE has issues with this fix and draws shaders over the UI.

Detect water level fix. GetWaterLevel returns around -1e9 for cells with no water, preventing mods for incorrectly thinking you are underwater.

Added featuresEdit

Map expansion. Increases the area shown on the world map by approximately 2x to cover all of Tamriel Rebuilt. Includes 2x zoom function.

Toggle sneak. Sneak key toggles sneak mode on or off, instead of requiring it to be held down.

Rain/snow collision. Rain and snow now collide with statics. The Morrowind.ini file must be edited manually in order for this to work correctly.

Fortify maximum health. Changes fortify health to behave like fortify maximum health.

Bump/reflect local lighting. Adjusts bump/reflection maps to use local lighting. They will no longer be at full brightness in dark environments.

Disable map smoothing. Option to disable world map UI smoothing filter.

Over the shoulder camera. Moves third person camera to the right shoulder.

Enchanting increases item value. Previously, items you enchant had the same value as the unenchanted version. With this patch, the newly enchanted item increases in value based on the enchantment capacity used, and the item type. Rebalanced over earlier versions.

Allow stealing from KOed NPCs. This patch allows you to steal from NPCs that have been knocked out. Previously you would get a 'You are in combat' message.

Spellmaking max. magnitude increase. Spellmaking/enchanting limits spell magnitudes to 100. Certain effects should be usable above that level (ie. feather). Spell magnitude limit has been increased to 500.

Spellmaking max. duration reduced. Reduces spellmaker spell duration cap to 300 from 1440. Makes dragging the duration bar more precise.

Unrestrict menu size. Allows stats menu and magic menu to be resized without limit.

Exhaust NPCs with damage fatigue. NPCs collapse with exhaustion when their fatigue goes below zero. This could happen with drain fatigue spells, but damage fatigue could never reduce it below zero. Now it can, and NPCs typically will remain on the floor until the damage fatigue spell expires.

Strength-based hand to hand damage. Hand to hand damage was only based on the skill level. It now varies with strength. The damage is equivalent to original Morrowind damage at 40 strength and increases up to 2.5x at 100 strength.

Spellmaker/enchanting multiple effects. The spellmaker would not allow you to add most spell effects more than once. It now allows you to add a spell effect multiple times with different parameters. Also applies to enchanting.

Spellmaker area effect cost. Adding a large area effect to spells had a cost which was independent of the spell magnitude. For balance and realism, large area spells should cost significantly more than they do.

Arrow enchanting. Allows the enchanting of arrows, bolts, and throwing weapons. It will enchant a number of items equal to one-quarter the soul charge of the soul gem; larger souls are more cost efficient at this. This is not considered balanced, but a fun feature. The default enchanting capacity of these items may need to be modified.

Larger service windows. Makes repair, recharge, and birthsign menus larger.

Soulgem value rebalance. Makes filled soulgems worth something more reasonable. Value is dependent only on soul magnitude.

NPC AI casts zero cost powers. Allows NPCs to cast powers.

Permanent barter disposition mod. Barter disposition changes on successful/failed transaction can now become permanent.

Improved animation support. Allows better animation modding (see readme).

On-use ring smart equip. Allows rings with an on-use enchant to be equipped alongside two constant effect rings.

Enchanted item rebalance. Reduces the effect that enchant skill has on item charge use. Enchanted on-use items now have a 4 second cooldown.

Hidden traps. Turns off the display of trap status on object tooltips, so that there is no obvious warning of trapped objects.

Japanese localization. Integrated patch by TObject. Allows Japanese language fonts in dialogue.

Swift casting. Allows casting from any stance, just like Oblivion, with the "ready magic" button. Ready spell stance is still available with the M key.

Alchemy weight rewrite. Fixes exploitable potion weight calculations. Prevents potion weight approaching zero if you make several kinds of potion in one go, and stops useless ingredients making potions lighter. Potion weight is now (0.75*total ingredients weight + 0.35) / (0.5 + alembic quality).

Russian Argonian swim animation. Argonian specific swim animation wasn't playing due to the translated race name.

Creature armor rating. Creatures now gain AR and therefore damage reduction from shield spells. The GMST damage reduction cap does not limit creature AR.

Disable weapon transition on unequip. Skips the short put away weapon state on all unequip actions and when switching to hand to hand. Simplifies state detection with weapon mods.

Pickpocket rewrite. Pickpocket mechanic was broken by default, overhauled to be much more usuable, with difficulty based on weight.

Slowfall on companions fix. Stops companions with slowfall dying on cell transition.

Drain intelligence exploit. Prevents intelligence drained to zero from fully restoring magicka when the drain expires.

Shortcut key improvements. Allows the dialogue window, books and scrolls to be closed with space. In the inventory, full stacks are picked up by default and shift-click instead opens the quantity menu.

Service refusal filtering. Allows modders to filter service refusal by individual service type. The choice function indicates service type (see MCP description).

Scripted music uninterruptible. Prevents combat music from interrupting music played by mods.

Journal text colouring. Text that rendered as full black can have the colour changed by the color_journal_topic entry in morrowind.ini.

Vanity camera lock. Allows the moveable vanity camera to stay active after the key is released. It also loosens the restrictions on camera position.

Polish character corrections. Corrects dialogue font Ó and c (they normally display as O and é) when used with Better Dialogue Font Polish version.

Detect life spell. Changes the Detect Animal spell effect to detect both NPCs and creatures, instead of just creatures.

Item recharging rebalance. Doubles success rate of recharging, and sets a minimum guaranteed percentage recharged depending on your enchant skill and stats.

Enchanting increases item value. Value increases rebalanced again to avoid excessive prices with weaker enchantments in combination with weak souls.

Steam support. Redates BSAs automatically when the patch is applied.