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Morrowind Mod:TES Plugin Conflict Detector

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TES Plugin Conflict Detector is primarily used for detecting and dealing with mod conflicts, but also has powerful global search abilities which can be used across multiple mods.

  • Version: 0.31 [2002?] No longer updated.
  • Author: Ely VanReen Soto
  • Download: Hosted
  • Recommended for both modders and players.

Mod ManagementEdit

  • Mod conflict reporting and resolution. For help interpreting conflict reports look at Mod File Format.
    • Generate list of all conflicts between selected mods.
    • Allow easy resolution of conflicts by deletion or copying from one mod to the other.
    • Also allow not-so-easy resolution by hex editing.
    • Conflict determination can be done on one on one basis, or by groups.
  • Quick view of:
    • All records in a mod(s).
    • All global changes (vs. esms) of a mod(s).
  • Find any object by name or string of data in any set of mods.

TESPCD vs. TESToolEdit

  • Both TesTool and TESPCD help resolve conflicts, but in completely different ways.
    • TESTool is automatic, which makes it simple and fast to use. But it may end up automatically "correcting" something that shouldn't be corrected.
    • TESPCD generally provides more control over cleaning, but it doesn't clean cell references, while TESTool does.

Tips and TechniquesEdit

  • The hex view can be used to double check Enchanted Editor's hex view -- which may be incorrect.[verification needed — Any comments by our regular MW editors?]
  • The Find Object command is very useful when you need to match a savegame problem against your list of mods.
    • E.g., suppose that one of your mods is suddenly granting a massive killer spell to most NPCs...
      • In game, determine the name of the spell. (Go to inventory view and hover over the spell effect icon in your magic inventory.)
      • Go to TESPCD, load up your active mods, then do a Find Object search with the name of the spell.