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Oblivion:Best Goods and Guarantees

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Best Goods and Guarantees
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Proprietor Gundalas / Elsynia
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Best Goods and Guarantees

Best Goods and Guarantees is a general store in the Chapel District of Leyawiin. It is found next to The Dividing Line and across the street from Ra'Jahirr's House.

The proprietor, Gundalas, has 1000 gold and a Mercantile skill of 60. When bartering, he will buy anything while only selling a variety of general goods.

Elsynia is also a trader with 1000 gold and a Mercantile skill of 60. Like Gundalas, when bartering, she will buy anything while only selling a variety of general goods. Her wares also include the unique item Nistor's Boots, which fortify your Speed and Athletics and give you Water Breathing. The store also sells all of the upgrades for your Leyawiin House for a base cost of 1000 gold each.

The main trading room is on the ground floor and consists of a counter, a stack of crates and a very wide selection of Gundalas' and Elsynia's wares on display. They both live upstairs from the main trading room as is usual with Leyawiin houses and stores. Their private quarters, which are locked, contain a writing desk and an owned double bed. A smaller room used for storage, also locked, can be accessed from the main room.

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  • Due to several different bugs, neither Gundalas nor Elsynia will go to sleep - Elsynia will try briefly at midnight, then give up and wander around the front of the store; Gundalas will never even try.
  • Due to one of these same bugs, if either of them get pushed to the back of the store, they may be trapped there or upstairs.
  • One of the merchant chests here is owned by Gunder rather than Gundalas.