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Southeast of Leyawiin, south of Fort Blueblood

Bogwater is a campsite southeast of Leyawiin (quest-related).

It is south of Fort Blueblood, near the shore of Topal Bay at the southern tip of Blackwood. The site consists of a tent with a bedroll and a large lit campfire; next to the fire is a non-respawning "hollowed-out rock" containing a leveled amount of gold, one of the possible rewards for completing the related quest. Due to its proximity to Black Marsh, the harvestable flora in the area consists mainly of fungi, including clouded funnel caps and green stain cups. During the main quest, two Oblivion Gates may open nearby to the south and east. On a clear day, a derelict house on a small island in Topal Bay can be seen to the south. Deepscorn Hollow is found beneath this island if the Vile Lair official download is installed.

Scar-Tail at Bogwater

When the related quest is initiated, an Argonian Shadowscale named Scar-Tail moves into the camp. He recently fled from his employers in Black Marsh to evade his tasks as a royal assassin. As the penalty for such disolyalty is death, Scar-Tail is a marked man. When you arrive, he will be badly wounded due to a battle with an Argonian agent sent by the Argonian royal court, whose corpse is behind a nearby tree. The gold in the hollowed-out rock is Scar-Tail's reward if you spare his life. If left alive, Scar-Tail will remain in Bogwater indefinitely.



  • 1 Hollowed-Out Rock (gold; non-respawning)
  • 1 bedroll


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  • The contents of the hollowed-out rock do not respawn. Therefore, the container is safe for storage, but emptying it before the related quest reward is due will result in no further gold being obtained as a reward.