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Oblivion:Faregyl Inn

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Faregyl Inn
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Room Value 10
Publican Abhuki
Console Location Code(s)
FaregylExterior, FaregylInterior
Great Forest
South of the Imperial City, on the Green Road west of the Inn of Ill Omen
Faregyl Inn

The Faregyl Inn is an inn south of the Imperial City (quest-related).

The publican, Abhuki, buys potions and food while only selling the latter and four samples of root pulp. She also offers advanced Alteration training. The first floor contains the main reception area, consisting of a bar with an engraved counter and a dining room. Behind the counter is a free bedroll where Abhuki sleeps. Down a short set of steps behind the counter is a small room with a free single bed. The guest rooms are upstairs.

The room you can rent is the first on the right. It contains a lower-class double bed and a chest. The other two rooms are locked with Hard locks; the second room contains an owned single bed where S'jirra sleeps, a chest, and a set of drawers, while the last room contains a free double bed, a chest, and a set of drawers.


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  • Adamus Phillida owns the rentable room. This has no effect on gameplay, since ownership is reset after you first rent a room. The ownership was set in this way only to ensure the publican Abhuki wouldn't trespass in the room.
  • Directly across the road to the south is a Wayshrine of Zenithar.
  • Faregyl Inn appears in ESO as Castle Faregyl.


  • The music played inside the inn is the outdoor "default" type instead of "public", the norm for indoor areas.