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Ganredhel's House
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Ganredhel's House

Ganredhel's House is a middle-class house located opposite the entrance to the Great Chapel of Arkay, next to the Abandoned House.

It is the sole residence of Ganredhel.



Ganredhel's HouseEdit

Ganredhel's HouseEdit

The house is occupied by Ganredhel and her dogs, Daisy and Luna. The dogs will attack the player if (s)he brandishes a weapon inside. The main feature on the ground floor is the large fireplace. The usual food and clutter barrels and crates are stored about the room. An unlocked chest to the left of the fireplace has up to three leveled pieces of equipment or armor. There is a bottle of Tamika's West Weald wine and Surilie Brothers wine on the shelves by the fireplace.

Up the stairs a desk is on the landing, but holds only clutter. On the second floor, where Ganredhel spends most of her time, is a well-dressed dinner table with two bottles of beer, three samples of emetic russula cap, and two more bottles of Tamika's in the cupboard. In the bedroom, on a chest of drawers, is a copy of the acrobatics skill book A Dance In Fire, v1, and next to it, another unlocked chest with a chance of jewelry, gold or silverware.