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Oblivion:Refined Frost Salts

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Refined Frost Salts
Refined Frost Salts
Value 40 Weight 0.1
Alchemy Effects
1st Frost Damage Frost Damage
2nd Frost Shield Frost Shield
3rd Resist Fire Resist Fire
4th Silence Silence
# Samples 6

Refined Frost Salts (right) compared to normal Frost Salts

Refined Frost Salts are a quest-specific ingredient that can only be obtained after the quest Tears of the Savior has been started. The ingredient has the same alchemical properties as standard Frost Salts, but in a different order. In the Construction Set, the magnitudes of the effects are also larger than those for standard Frost Salts. However, since these magnitudes have no impact on gameplay, this difference is irrelevant (i.e., the magnitudes and durations of potions made using Refined Frost Salts are identical to those made using standard Frost Salts).

One sample is required to open the door that provides access to Frostfire Glade, and will be removed from your inventory when you activate the door. After the quest has been completed, the salts cease to be quest-specific items and therefore the remaining five samples can be used for alchemy.


Only six samples of this ingredient exist, all of which are only available after you obtain and read the book Knightfall during the related quest.

  • 5 samples are added to Julienne Fanis' merchant chest, and can be purchased from Julienne.
  • 1 sample is in the Arcane University Lustratorium. Since it is owned by Julienne, taking it is considered to be stealing from the Mages Guild. If Julienne is in the Lustratorium, this sample can be purchased from her.


  • Even though these are "refined", they are cheaper than normal frost salts by 20 gold.