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Many people own replicas of beautiful masterpieces to brighten up some corner of their home. In Cyrodiil, this is no different. Numerous Nobility and some Guild Halls will have them displayed to impress all who lay eyes on them. While these goodies may look tempting, they are utterly worthless, intended for display, or ceremonial use only. They are usually found in display cases, and often with Hard or Very Hard locks on them, which makes the reward/effort ratio tend towards zero. This page lists all the relevant information pertaining to them.


For all replica weapons:

Item FormID   Location(s)
1-Hand Blades
  Ebony Dagger Replica 000C5616 9 Cheydinhal Fighters Guild Hall
Bravil Castle Great Hall
On Lorenz Bog-Trotter's body in the Lost Crypt of Knotty BrambleSI
  Ebony Shortsword Replica 000C798A 20 nowhere
  Elven Long Sword Replica 000C55FF 36 Kemen, Chorrol Fighters Guild Hall
  Elven Shortsword Replica 000C7985 16 nowhere
  Glass Dagger Replica 000C7973 8 Bravil Castle Great Hall (x2)
Arcane University Arch-Mage's Tower (x2)
  Glass Longsword Replica 000C5601 40 Chorrol Fighters Guild Hall
  Glass Shortsword Replica 000C7989 18 nowhere
2-Hand Blades
  Dwarven Claymore Replica 000C5606 38 Leyawiin Fighters Guild Hall
1-Hand Blunts
  Dwarven War Axe Replica 000C5602 24 Chorrol Fighters Guild Hall
  Ebony Mace Replica 000C561F 39 Bruma Fighters Guild Hall
Bravil Castle Great Hall
2-Hand Blunts
  Ebony Warhammer Replica 000C5604 84 Leyawiin Fighters Guild Hall
  Glass Battle Axe Replica 000C5608 62 Leyawiin Fighters Guild Hall
  Dwarven Bow Replica 000C7979 14 The Archer's Paradox, Bravil


For all ceremonial armor:

Item FormID   Location(s)
  Elven Ceremonial Cuirass 000C55FE 13 Anvil Fighters Guild Hall
   Glass Ceremonial Cuirass 000C560B 15 Bravil Fighters Guild Hall
  Ebony Ceremonial Gauntlets 000C5615 10.5 Cheydinhal Fighters Guild Hall
Bruma Fighters Guild Hall
  Glass Ceremonial Gauntlets 000C560D 3 Bravil Fighters Guild Hall
  Elven Ceremonial Helmet 000CAB65 2.6 Lipsand Tarn
  Dwarven Ceremonial Shield 000C5610 16 Skingrad Fighters Guild Hall
  Ebony Ceremonial Shield 000C561E 21 Bruma Fighters Guild Hall
  Elven Ceremonial Shield 000C7984 5.2 nowhere
  Glass Ceremonial Shield 000C560E 6 Bravil Fighters Guild Hall