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Oblivion:Scamp Skin

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Scamp Skin
Scamp Skin
Value 10 Weight 1.5
Alchemy Effects
1st Damage Magicka Damage Magicka
2nd Resist Shock Resist Shock
3rd Reflect Damage Reflect Damage
4th Damage Health Damage Health
# Samples 0
Creature Scamps

The ingredient Scamp Skin is collected from dead Scamps (only full scamps, not stunted scamps). Its alchemical effects are identical to those of human skin.


There are no guaranteed samples of Scamp Skin but it can be found randomly in the inventories of alchemy vendors (starting at level 8) and in some Conjurer and Oblivion loot chests (starting at level 4).


The only creatures that drop Scamp Skin are standard Scamps; other varieties of scamps, such as summoned Scamps, Everscamps, and Stunted Scamps do not drop any Scamp Skin. Scamps are commonly encountered in Planes of Oblivion at levels 7 through 15. As with other daedric creatures, in Tamriel the best place to look for Scamps is in Conjurer Dungeons (circles on map), where they may spawn at levels 7 through 15.

Trying to find Scamps before level 7 or after level 15 is challenging. They are primarily restricted to some locations specific to the Main Quest.

  • The daedra that spawn outside of Oblivion Gates (blue squares) each have a 25-33% chance of being Scamps at levels 13-21. These gates are the only source of Scamps at levels 16-21; above level 21 Scamps cannot be found anywhere.
  • In the Count's Chamber in Castle Kvatch (during the quest The Battle for Castle Kvatch), there is one daedra who is guaranteed to be a Scamp at levels 1-3, and has a 50% chance of being one at levels 4-9.
  • Elsewhere inside Castle Kvatch, there are 10 daedra who will be Scamps at levels 1-4 (50% chance of being Scamps at levels 5-11).
  • The caves in Mankar Camoran's Paradise (during the quest Paradise) contain 12 daedra who each have a 12-33% chance of being a Scamp at levels 3-15.
  • The Eternal Gardens in Paradise contain 8-14 daedra who each have a 10-33% chance of being a Scamp at levels 3-14.
  • The daedra spawned during the Defense of Bruma quest each have a 50-100% chance of being a Scamp at levels 1-9.
  • The only place not related to the main quest where Scamps can be found before level 7 is in Fort Teleman (purple circle), where a single respawning boss level daedra is guaranteed to be a Scamp at level 5. Up to 8 are possible at levels 7-15.

However, scamp skin can be extracted at any level from scamps that are already dead. Three of these exist:

Locations of Scamps and Scamp Skin


  • Your ingredients inventory and containers will display the weight as 1, but 1.5 is the actual weight. The game's display truncates decimal weights over 1. The discrepancy here is noticeable.