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(RefID: 00035294)
Home City Leyawiin
Store The Dividing Line
Race Argonian Gender Male
Level 6 Class Smith
RefID 00035294 BaseID 00034E69
Available 8am-8pm every day
When the Fighter's Stronghold download is installed, this NPC offers services at slightly different times. 8am-8pm; 4am-8am, 8pm-10pm
Other Repairs Repairs
Gold 800 Mercantile Apprentice (40)
Sells Weapons, Armor,
Destarine's Cleaver
Other Information
Health 85 Magicka 107
Responsibility 100 Aggression 5
Faction(s) Owner and Employee of The Dividing Line; Leyawiin

Tun-Zeeus is an Argonian smith and the proud owner of the shop The Dividing Line established in Leyawiin.

He is very keen on maintaining the Dividing Line's popularity among the people of Leyawiin, to the extent that he never leaves the building. He sleeps in his private quarters in the upstairs area, every night between 10pm and 4am. After waking up he will roam around the main trading room for four hours, anxiously waiting for the opening time at 8am. After unlocking the door he will, along with his apprentice Eitar, offer his services to the occasional customer for twelve long hours. The unique Destarine's Cleaver can only be purchased here. After a hard day's work he will close up shop at 8pm, and take one last relaxing stroll around the shop until his bedtime at 10pm.

Tun-Zeeus' outfit consists of the typical blacksmith's apron, combined with the matching pants and a pair of rough leather shoes. He also carries the key to his shop and a small amount of gold.


He is very proud of his profession and his shop, as he will express when you first meet him:

"The Dividing Line between a live hero and a dead one is a sharp sword. Get the best you can afford from Tun-Zeeus... Because you don't want to be on the dead guy side of the line, do you?"

If you inquire about the city, he will tell you that besides of his daily duties in his shop, he is also in charge of forging equipment for the town guard:

"I make all the weapons and armor for the guard. Damn good stuff. Pop you open like a ripe melon."


The townsfolk of Leyawiin also agree that Tun-Zeeus is a very good smith, as they will occasionally comment:

"The Dividing Line is a good place to buy a sharp blade. Of course, you're likely to hear some of Tun-Zeeus' stories if you hang around"
"I've heard Tun-Zeeus has some fine blades at the Dividing Line. Of course, he'll talk your ear off about them if you let him."

The local Blade trainer, Sherina, is also well aware of Tun-Zeeus' smithing abilities:

"If you need a blade, go see Tun-Zeeus at the Dividing Line. Does repairs, too. He does go on and on, sometimes. But he's the Genuine Orc in Leyawiin."

Unused DialogueEdit

Similar to NPCs such as Else God-Hater, you were originally intended to have replies to Tun-Zeeus' Leyawiin topic. Based on the rumors about him, it seems that he was meant to spin a yarn, and you could've cut him off at many points throughout his story. At first you could've said:

Thanks, but that's enough for me.
Go on...

Then after letting him continue, you would once again get two options:

Enough, already!
Go on...

Finally, his story would come to an end and you would get two final options:

What a charming little story...
That ancedote needs a little work.