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Rescue a Bosmer from a spider pit.
Zone: Grahtwood
Quest Giver: Mendil
Location(s): Brackenleaf, The Scuttle Pit
Reward: Cheliceral Hook
Very Low Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very Low Experience
Firaelion and Mendil
Mendil is concerned for her friend Firaelion. He recently entered a cave full of deadly spiders and hasn't been seen since.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Mendil in Brackenleaf.
  2. Defeat the Spider Queen.
  3. Activate the cocoon.
  4. Talk to Firaelion outside of the Scuttle Pit.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Find Mendil in Brackenleaf. She is to the right of one of the braziers.

"My friend Firaelion has gone missing, and I'm worried he got himself into trouble inside the cave to the north."
What was he doing in the cave?
"It's my fault. I was going on and on about a silk dress I saw on a High Elf in Elden Root the other day.
Firaelion swore he would get me that dress—I didn't think he'd venture into a cave full of spiders to do it."
The cave is full of spiders?
"I think Firaelion hoped to gather their silk to make the dress. Foolish Elf.
There are stories about a spider the size of a bear and twice as fierce that makes its home there. Oh gods, if something happened to him…"
I'll look for him.
"Please, look for Firaelion in the cave to the north. But be careful. I couldn't bear it if something happened to you, too."

At this point the quest begins. However, you can choose to ask Mendil more about the spider.

You mentioned something about a giant spider.
"Aye. The fearful matriarch of the spider den. They say she's a thousand years old, call her "The Spider Queen."
It makes my skin crawl just thinking about it.

Rescue FiraelionEdit

Firaelion is inside the Scuttle Pit. He is in a cocoon on the upper level, guarded by the Spider Queen.

Firaelion: "I thought I was food for sure. Thank you. We should get out of here while we can."

He will run out of the Scuttle Pit and wait outside.

Talk to FiraelionEdit

Firaelion will be waiting outside the Scuttle Pit for you.

"Thanks, friend. I was this close to becoming those spiders' next meal. At least I managed to gather some silk for Mendil. She'll have her dress yet. She deserves it."
If you say so.
"I wish there was something I could give you by way of gratitude. But I'm an Elf of little means, and this pittance is all I have. It will have to be enough. Thank you."

Accepting his gold and the Cheliceral Hook completes the quest.


  • The coccoons and Firaelion won't exist in the cave before starting the quest.

Quest StagesEdit

A Silken Garb
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should rescue Firaelion before he's eaten by the spiders.
Objective: Rescue Firaelion
Finishes quest  I should talk to Firaelion outside the cave where I rescued him.
Objective: Talk to Firaelion
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