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ON-qico-Group Dungeon.png A usurper has taken control of the Scribes of Mora.
Zone: The Rift
Objective: Dungeon: Scrivener's Hall
Quest Giver: Keshargo
Location(s): Scrivener's Hall
Reward: Leveled Gold
1 Skill Point
XP Gain: 74,776 Experience
ID: 7027
Dungeon Group Size: 4
Help recover the Itinerant Staff
I agreed to help Keshargo infiltrate Scrivener's Hall and take back leadership of the Scribes of Mora from Valinna.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Keshargo
  2. Defeat Riftmaster Naqri
  3. Enter the Deadlands Rift
  4. Defeat the Infernium and recover the Itinerant Staff
  5. Return to Scrivener's Hall and find Keshargo
  6. Defeat Valinna and rescue Keshargo
  7. Talk to Keshargo
You have been promoted and are now one of my elite employees!

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Quest StagesEdit

A War of Scribes
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Keshargo said that there's a hidden latch in this bookcase that opens a secret door to Scrivener's Hall.
Objective: Enter Scrivener's Hall
Keshargo hid the Itinerant Staff somewhere in the Deadlands. He says there's a rift deeper in Scrivener's Hall that will lead us there.
Objective: Locate the Deadlands Rift
Valinna told Riftmaster Naqri not to let anyone through the rifts. He's loyal to Valinna and won't let us through unless I defeat him.
Objective: Defeat Riftmaster Naqri
Now that Riftmaster Naqri no longer stands in our way, I should follow Keshargo to the Deadlands Rift.
Objective: Follow Keshargo
Keshargo's too injured to continue on this journey. He'll meet us back in the study after we retrieve the Itinerant Staff in the Deadlands. Mazandi and Zilipif are waiting for me to go through the rift.
Objective: Enter the Deadlands Rift
Keshargo said the Itinerant Staff is hidden in a sarcophagus. Zilipif knows the precise location and Mazandi is along to help. I should follow the watcher to where we need to go.
Objective: Find the Itinerant Staff
An Infernium has nested atop the sarcophagus containing the Itinerant Staff. I need to defeat the Infernium before I try to retrieve the staff.
Objective: Defeat the Infernium
We recovered the Itinerant Staff. Mazandi said she opened a portal back to Scrivener's Hall. We should return and bring the staff back to Keshargo.
Objective: Return to Scrivener's Hall
Hidden Objective: Return to Scrivener's Hall
Keshargo wasn't in the study to meet us. Mazandi said we should go and look for him.
Objective: Find Keshargo
Valinna captured Keshargo and is making him lead her to the Itinerant Staff. He's lying though and convinced her that he hid it in the Spiral Skein. I should go through the rift after them and rescue Keshargo before Valinna realizes his scheme.
Objective: Rescue Keshargo
Valinna's going to kill Keshargo for standing in her way. I can't let that happen.
Objective: Defeat Valinna
I should speak to Keshargo in Scrivener's Hall.
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