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Elder Scrolls Online: Skills: Enchanting
ON-icon-skill-Enchanting-Aspect Improvement.png Aspect Improvement
Line Enchanting
Skill Rank Line Rank
Rank I 1 free 1
Rank II 2 6
Rank III 3 16
Rank IV 4 31
Aspect Improvement I: Allows the use of Common (white) and Standard (green) Aspect Runestones.
Aspect Improvement II: Allows the use of Superior (blue) Aspect Runestones.
Aspect Improvement III: Allows the use of Artifact (purple) Aspect Runestones.
Aspect Improvement IV: Allows the use of Legendary (gold) Aspect Runestones.

Aspect Improvement determines the quality of Glyphs you can make. These can be used to enchant your weapons, armor, and jewelry. You start with one free point already in this skill, allowing the crafting of Base and Standard quality Glyphs.

The Aspect Runes used to craft Glyphs are as follows:

Name Lvl Translation Effect
ON-icon-runestone-Ta.png Ta 1 "Base" Produces Base quality items
ON-icon-runestone-Jejota.png Jejota 1 "Fine" Produces Standard quality items
ON-icon-runestone-Denata.png Denata 2 "Superior" Produces Superior quality items
ON-icon-runestone-Rekuta.png Rekuta 3 "Artifact" Produces Epic quality items
ON-icon-runestone-Kuta.png Kuta 4 "Legendary" Produces Legendary quality items

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