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ON-icon-achievement-Battlescribe Slayer.png Battlescribe Slayer
ON-icon-achievement-Familiar Slayer.png Familiar Slayer
Type Scribes of Fate Achievements
Points 10 each
Needed for
Defeat 200 Battlescribes in Veteran Scrivener's Hall.
Defeat 50 Familiars in Veteran Scrivener's Hall. This includes Hollow Armor Sentinels, Hollow Armor Duelists, Magma Bears and Storm Atronachs.

These achievements are awarded for defeating specified numbers of certain creatures in Veteran Scrivener's Hall. All kills done by any group member are credited to the whole group. As enemies do not respawn in group dungeons, these achievements will take many runs of the dungeon to complete.

Achievement Creatures Kills
per Run
Battlescribe Slayer 200 (?) (?)
Familiar Slayer 50 (?) (?)