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Veteran content in the Elder Scrolls Online is unlocked when a character reaches Level 50. The first character to reach Level 50 on an account will unlock the Champion System and be immediately given Champion Points10 Champion Points.

The following content is unlocked upon reaching Level 50, unless stated otherwise:

  • Champion System progression offers players the opportunity to customize their characters with new and exciting passive abilities, and a certain amount of Champion Points are needed to make use of higher-tier equipment and consumables. Once unlocked, the Champion System bonuses can be used by any character on the account, even those below Level 50. However, only Veteran characters can gain Champion Points and use Champion-restricted items.
  • Veteran Dungeons introduce a higher difficulty level to the existing Group Dungeons, as well as a huge number of new achievements. The Undaunted also offer new Veteran challenges in Pledges to increase the reward given for a dungeon each day.
  • Similarly, Veteran Trials and Arenas also become available, and offer access to leaderboards, increased rewards, and new achievements. Perfected versions of trial and arena sets only drop in Veteran mode.


  • Prior to the One Tamriel update, Cadwell's Almanac was restricted to Veteran players or those who had completed the Main Quest. The Almanac still allows players to experience the storylines of the two other alliances that were not chosen during character creation, through the related quests Cadwell's Silver and Cadwell's Gold, and the Almanac quests are still unlocked at the end of the Main Quest, but the territories themselves are now available at the beginning of the game, and no longer put players in Veteran-scaled versions of the other alliances' territories.
  • Adventure Zones were introduced with four-player group-oriented content containing new storylines for Veteran players. Craglorn, the only adventure zone to exist before the system was retired, had its Veteran and group restrictions removed with the One Tamriel update.
  • Trials, which originally only existed in Adventure Zones and were therefore exclusively Veteran content, can now be completed by anyone. They remain challenging dungeon instances geared towards groups of twelve players, although they now have an easier Normal mode.

Veteran RankEdit

Veteran Points
  • At launch, Veteran progression was marked using a different indicator called "Veteran Points", or VP. Players did not gain extra skill points or attribute points when ranks increased, and were instead granted a large boost to their base attributes for each rank. This was standardized in Update 5 so that Veteran Ranks were gained using XP instead of VP, and Veteran Points were removed from the game. This in turn made it easier to increase Veteran Ranks, as many activities which award XP did not award VP.
  • Prior to Update 10, there were sixteen ranks of Veteran progression, beginning at Veteran Rank 1 ( 1) and continuing to  Rank 16. A new Veteran Rank was gained when a player earned 850,000 XP (1,432,550 XP between Update 5's removal of Veteran Points and Patch 1.5.4, then 1,000,000 XP until Update 7). Players with higher Veteran Ranks were able to utilize more powerful gear and consumables. The gear and consumables power requirements were transferred to the Champion system on a 1:10 ratio; gear which required  14 to equip now requires Level 50  140.