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This page lists all the Group Dungeons in Elder Scrolls Online. Group Dungeons are instanced PvE content, and each dungeon has a Normal and Veteran mode.

Group Dungeons are designed to be explored with a group of four players maximum. The enemies inside will be of a much greater difficulty than those in Public Dungeons, and unless you are in a group, you'll be facing them by yourself, because these dungeons are instanced—meaning you won't see anyone not grouped with you when you enter.

They can be added to your map by talking to members of the Undaunted in the taverns of the major cities of each zone, and can then be teleported to directly from the Wayshrine fast-travel system. All Group Dungeons can be discovered this way. If you have not previously discovered a particular dungeon, the wayshrine for that dungeon will be added to your map upon acceptance of the corresponding pledge. There are numerous Group Dungeons in the game, in the base game there is: one in each large faction zone (including some with two variants), and one in Coldharbour. For DLCs, there are two in the Imperial City,Imperial City (Crown Store) two added to Shadowfen with Shadows of the Hist,Shadows of the Hist (Crown Store) two added to Craglorn with Horns of the Reach,Horns of the Reach (Crown Store) two added to Bangkorai and Stormhaven with Dragon Bones,Dragon Bones (Crown Store) two added to Greenshade and Reaper's March with Wolfhunter,Wolfhunter (Crown Store) two added to Eastmarch and the Gold Coast with Wrathstone,Wrathstone (Crown Store) and two in Grahtwood and Northern Elsweyr with Scalebreaker.Scalebreaker (Crown Store)

Dungeon VersionsEdit

Eight of the dungeons have a "Version I" and "Version II" storyline, which can be selected upon entering the dungeon. These take place on similar maps to each other, but with different enemies and mechanics. The quests in "Version II" dungeons continue the storyline established previously in "Version I". They can be completed in any order.

Veteran DungeonsEdit

All Group Dungeons have Veteran Dungeon variants. These become available once you hit Level 50 and unlock Veteran content. These use the same maps and boss enemies, but the enemies have more health, deal more damage, and require more coordination to complete. They are understandably much more difficult, but earn you higher-quality loot and Veteran Dungeon Achievements.

Veteran Hard ModeEdit

"This scroll bears the insignia of the Undaunted and a potent spell, conceived by the renowned Hroltar the Boaster. When invoked the scroll will empower one's enemies with astonishing power" — Scroll of Glorious Battle

For an even greater challenge, Veteran Dungeons have an optional Death Challenge (more commonly called "Hard Mode") that can be activated on the last boss. Hard Mode changes certain aspects or mechanics of the boss battle, such as restricting parts of the arena or adding new attacks. Hard Mode is typically activated by a member of the group reading the glowing "Scroll of Glorious Battle" that can be found on the floor near the dungeon's last boss arena. Once the scroll has been invoked, the screen flashes with a blueish-white color and everyone in party will clutch their heads and scream for a moment.

Completing a dungeon in Hard Mode grants two Undaunted Keys instead of one (if an Undaunted Pledge is active). In addition, certain items are guaranteed to drop, such as rare style materials or crafting motif chapters associated with that dungeon.

Full ListEdit

Zone Dungeon Bosses
Aldmeri Dominion
Auridon The Banished Cells I Shadowrend, High Kinlord Rilis
The Banished Cells II Maw of the Infernal, Keeper Imiril, High Kinlord Rilis
Grahtwood Elden Hollow I Akash gra-Mal, Chokethorn, Canonreeve Oraneth
Elden Hollow II Dark Root, Murklight, Bogdan the Nightflame
Lair of MaarselokCrown Store Selene's Claws, Selene's Fangs, Azureblight Lurcher, Azureblight Cancroid, Maarselok
Greenshade City of Ash I Infernal Guardian, Warden of the Shrine, Razor Master Erthas
City of Ash II Horvantud the Fire Maw, Ash Titan, Valkyn Skoria
March of SacrificesCrown Store Aghaedh of the Solstice, Tarcyr, Balorgh
Malabal Tor Tempest Island Valaran Stormcaller, Stormfist, Stormreeve Neidir
Reaper's March Moon Hunter KeepCrown Store Jailer Melitus, Hedge Maze Guardian, Mylenne Moon-Caller, Archivist Ernarde, Vykosa the Ascendant
Selene's Web Longclaw, Foulhide, Selene
Daggerfall Covenant
Alik'r Desert Volenfell Quintus Verres, Tremorscale, and the Guardian Council
Bangkorai Blackheart Haven Atarus, Roost Mother, Captain Blackheart
Fang LairCrown Store Undead Menagerie, Caluurion, Ulfnor, Thurvokun
Glenumbra Spindleclutch I Swarm Mother, The Whisperer
Spindleclutch II Blood Spawn, Praxin Douare, Vorenor Winterbourne
Rivenspire Crypt of Hearts I Archmaster Siniel, Death's Leviathan, Ilambris-Zaven and Ilambris-Athor
Crypt of Hearts II Ruzozuzalpamaz, Ilambris Amalgam, Nerien'eth
Stormhaven Scalecaller PeakCrown Store Orzun the Foul-Smelling and Rinaerus the Rancid, Matriarch Aldis, Zaan the Scalecaller
Wayrest Sewers I Investigator Garron, Varaine Pellingare, Allene Pellingare
Wayrest Sewers II Malubeth the Scourger, Garron the Returned, Allene Pellingare and Varaine Pellingare
Ebonheart Pact
Deshaan Darkshade Caverns I Foreman Llothan, The Hive Lord, Sentinel of Rkugamz
Darkshade Caverns II Transmuted Hive Lord, Grobull the Transmuted, The Engine Guardian
Eastmarch Direfrost Keep Guardian of the Flame, Iceheart, Drodda of Icereach
FrostvaultCrown Store Icestalker, Warlord Tzogvin, The Vault Protector, Rizzuk Bonechill, The Stonekeeper,
The Rift Blessed Crucible Nusana, Kayd at-Sal, Dynus Aralas, Snagg gro-Mashul, The Beast Master, The Lava Queen
Shadowfen Arx Corinium Ganakton the Tempest, Sliklenia the Songstress, Sellistrix the Lamia Queen
Cradle of ShadowsCrown Store Khephidaen, Dranos Velador, Velidreth
Ruins of MazzatunCrown Store Mighty Chudan, Xal-Nur the Slaver, Tree-Minder Na-Kesh
Stonefalls Fungal Grotto I War Chief Ozozai, Kra'gh the Dreugh King
Fungal Grotto II Gamyne Bandu, Spawn of Mephala, Vila Theran
Coldharbour Vaults of Madness Ulguna Soul-Reaver, Grothdarr, Iskra the Omen, Mad Architect
Craglorn Bloodroot ForgeCrown Store Caillaoife, Galchobhar, Earthgore Amalgam
Falkreath HoldCrown Store Siege Mammoth, Cernunnon, Domihaus the Bloody-Horned
Cyrodiil White-Gold TowerCrown Store The Adjudicator, The Planar Inhibitor, Molag Kena
Imperial City PrisonCrown Store Ibomez the Flesh Sculptor, Flesh Abomination, Lord Warden Dusk
Gold CoastCrown Store Depths of MalatarCrown Store The Scavenging Maw, The Weeping Woman, The Dark Orb, King Narilmor, The Symphony of Blades
Northern ElsweyrElsweyr Moongrave FaneCrown Store Risen Ruins, Dro'zakar, Kujo Kethba, Nisaazda, Grundwulf


Each of these Dungeons has an Achievement associated with it, which you will receive upon beating the final boss. Veteran versions have more, associated with various challenges.


  • Prior to the One Tamriel update, Veteran versions of the non-DLC dungeons continued the storyline established previously in the Normal level Group Dungeons. With One Tamriel, these former Veteran storylines became the "Version II" of a dungeon, and had a Normal difficulty added. Concurrently, the former Normal storylines became the "Version I" of a dungeon, and had a Veteran difficulty added.
  • Prior to One Tamriel, dungeons had a minimum level of enemies within the dungeon and therefore the recommended minimum level of entry. Note however that it was still possible to enter before this level. When entering a dungeon, all enemies, minibosses and bosses were scaled to match the level of the group leader, or if the leader was below the minimum level of that dungeon, all enemies were set at the minimum level for that particular dungeon. With One Tamriel, all enemies and players in dungeons are scaled up by Battle Leveling.