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Elder Scrolls Online: Creatures
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Corruption of Stone
Location Earthen Root Enclave
Species Storm Atronach
Health Normal3,367,972Veteran(?) Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile

The Corruption of Stone (originally the Spirit of Stone) is nature spirt that resides in the Earthen Root Enclave on the Dais of Stonesight. It has been corrupted by the Firesong Druids lead by Archdruid Devyric. Its appearance resembles a Storm Atronach that lacks any lightning.

Related QuestsEdit

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

The Corruption of Stone uses the following abilities:

Ground Slam
Summon Stone Atronachs

Quest-Related EventsEdit

The spirit being corrupted by the Firesong druids

When you reach the Dais of Stonesight, you and Druid Laurel will discover the Spirit of Stone being corrupted by the Firesong:

Druid Laurel: "The Dais of Stonesight! It's wrong, like a gale offshore."
Archdruid Devyric :"Keep the corruption going."
Druid Laurel: "Corruption? Stop this! Firesong, what are you doing?"
Druid Laurel: "Spirit! Stop. Please stop!"
Druid Laurel: "We can't let this corrupted spirit do more damage."

After slaying the spirit, Druid Laurel will approach the remains:

Druid Laurel: "This poor stone spirit. I hope I can cleanse it of Archdruid Devyric's filthy magic."
<Druid Laurel raises her staff and green light surrounds the remains.>
Druid Laurel: "Archdruid Devyric went down to the Deeproot. Follow him while I take care of this corruption."


There are several achievement associated with this creature:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Earthen Root Enclave Vanquisher.png Earthen Root Enclave Vanquisher 10 Defeat the Corruption of Stone, Corruption of Root, and Archdruid Devyric in Earthen Root Enclave.
ON-icon-achievement-Earthen Root Enclave Conqueror.png Earthen Root Enclave Conqueror 10 Defeat the Corruption of Stone, Corruption of Root, and Archdruid Devyric in Veteran Earthen Root Enclave.
ON-icon-achievement-Vivified Warrior.png Vivified Warrior 10 Defeat the Corruption of Stone without any player turning to stone in Veteran Earthen Root Enclave.
ON-icon-achievement-Master Mason.png Master Mason 10 Destroy all Stone Atronachs during each stage of the Corruption of Stone battle, and then defeat the Corruption of Stone in Veteran Earthen Root Enclave.
ON-icon-achievement-Chiseling out Corruption.png Chiseling out Corruption 50 Defeat Corruption of Stone after placing the Challenge Banner in Veteran Earthen Root Enclave.


  • The spirit is mentioned in their original capacity as the Spirit of Stone in the book Message of Welcome
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