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Online:Summerset (Chapter)

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Summerset box art
Setting Summerset Isle
Time Period ca. 2E 582
Developer ZeniMax Online Studios
Release Date
21 May 2018 (early access)
5 Jun 2018
Xbox One
Release Date
5 Jun 2018
Release Date
5 Jun 2018

The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset was the second Chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online. It is an expansion set on the main island of Summerset Isles and Artaeum. Similar to the first Chapter (Morrowind) it has been demoted to DLC after next chapter release - Elsweyr. The expansion includes an all-new zone packed with adventure, the ability to join the Psijic Order, a new crafting Skill Line related to jewelry, a new Trial, and a new storyline. Various influential members of the ESO community were given a letter teasing the contents of the chapter.

Summerset is now included with ESO Plus and can be purchased from the Crown Store. Certain promotional bonus content was available with Summerset; see the Queen's Bounty Pack and Collector's Edition for details.




Summerset was available in six different versions: