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This article is about the Chapter. For the place, see Elsweyr (province).

Elsweyr box art
Setting Elsweyr
Time Period 2E 582
Developer ZeniMax Online Studios
Release Date
20 May 2019 (early access)
4 Jun 2019
Xbox One
Release Date
4 Jun 2019
Release Date
4 Jun 2019

Elsweyr is the third Chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online. It is an expansion set in the kingdom of Anequina, also known as Northern Elsweyr. The Chapter includes a new large and diverse zone, the new Necromancer, Dragon Hunt events, a complimentary house, a new Trial, and a new storyline. It was officially released on all platforms on June 4, 2019, although early access was launched on PC/Mac on May 20, 2019.

Similar to previous Chapters, Elsweyr has been demoted to a DLC following the release of the Greymoor Chapter. The Necromancer class has been moved to the Crown Store, and the Elsweyr DLC is now available through ESO Plus and the Crown Store. Certain promotional bonus content was available with Elsweyr; see the Elsweyr Collector's Edition for details.




Elsweyr is available in four different versions:


Elsweyr was initially teased on January 9, 2019 after an ESO Live stream, when a preview of the teaser trailer was released showing Khamira and Abnur Tharn reassembling the Wrathstone tablet. A promotional Wrathstone Tablet and letter from Tharn were also distributed to community promoters at this time. The Chapter was officially announced on January 15, 2019 with the tagline "The Season of the Dragon Approaches". Datamined text for the chapter reads "ESO reaches new heights of storytelling with a war against the Dragons that unfolds and builds over four quarterly releases to an unexpected climax." Elsweyr was released in Update 22, being on the PTS on April 16, 2019, PC early access on May 20, and console release on June 4.


  • Owning Elsweyr will also give you an additional character slot.[1]