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Sets are groups of items that provide powerful extra bonuses when matched pieces are equipped, up to a maximum of five pieces. It is possible to receive benefits from more than one set (e.g. getting the 2-item bonuses from four different sets). Regardless of equipment type, you will have twelve equipment slots open to you. Most sets are available in all armor slots and in most traits.

Sets are divided into two main types - bind-on-equip and bind-on-pickup. Bind-on-equip items are permanently bound to your account only when you equip them. Bind-on-pickup set items can only be traded for two hours after the item is received and only with other group members within the instance when you received it; after which the item is permanently bound to your account.

Once an item is added to your set collection, it can be reconstructed with transmute crystals.

Arena SetsEdit

Arena Sets are five-piece sets that can be found from group and solo Arenas. Reward chests give these set items after every round.

Craftable SetsEdit

Craftable Sets can be created at various locations. To craft set items, you must find one of their special crafting sites. For most sets, there is one crafting site in each Alliance's territory. Other sets become available upon completion of certain quest lines, including the Fighters Guild, and the Mages Guild. Some crafting sites are found in DLC zones, and can only be accessed if you own the DLC. Nevertheless, it is possible to wear gear from those sets even if you do not own the DLC, if someone else crafts the gear for you. All crafted gear is bind-on-equip.

Additionally, to craft a set item, you must have researched a number of traits for that specific item type. The more complicated sets require more traits to be known, and hence more research.

Prior to the Summerset Chapter, jewelry crafting was not available, so crafted set items could only be made for the seven equipment and two weapon slots. Players who purchased the Summerset Chapter expansion can now make rings and necklaces for any crafted set, provided the trait requirements have been met for that set. Players who have not purchased the expansion do not have access at this time, but can purchase crafted jewelry from guild traders or have another make it for them.

Dungeon SetsEdit

Dungeon Sets can be found from normal and veteran Group Dungeons. Bosses and minibosses will always drop pieces from these sets in specific slots. Dungeon sets are all bind-on-pickup, but you can trade them with your dungeon group for a while after picking up.

Monster Helm SetsEdit

Monster Helm Sets are a subset of dropped sets of armor. There are only two items available in a Monster Set: the head and the shoulders. The head pieces drop from the final boss of the associated Veteran mode group dungeon, and like the Dungeon Sets listed above, can be traded with your dungeon group for a short while before it binds permanently to your account. Shoulder pieces are acquired from coffers purchased with keys from the Undaunted Daily Pledge Givers and are bind-on-pickup.

Mythic ItemsEdit

Mythic Items are special one-piece sets that grant powerful bonuses. Only one mythic item can be worn at a time. They can only be obtained through the Antiquities system.

Overland SetsEdit

Overland Sets are dropped by monsters within the starter zones, the fifteen main Alliance zones as well as Coldharbour. Each set has a specific zone that it drops from. Set items can be found from World Bosses, delve monsters, public dungeon monsters, dolmens (or other world events) and treasure chests found within the zone. Quests in zones will also reward set items from their respective zone sets.

PVP SetsEdit

PVP Sets can be purchased using Alliance Points or Tel Var stones. Vendors will sell boxes that contain a random piece of each set.

Trial SetsEdit

Trial Sets are available from any of the Trials in the game. Bosses in Trials will drop pieces of these sets. Trial sets are all bind-on-pickup.

Jewelry SetsEdit

Jewelry Sets are available from Trophy Vaults, PvP vendors, reward mail, and first dungeons. They do not include armor pieces, but a subset of weapons, shield and jewelry. Some Jewelry sets items are bind-on-equip, some are bind-on-pickup.

Weapon SetsEdit

Weapon Sets are available from Arenas and Trials. They do not include armor pieces, but a subset of weapons, shield and jewelry. Weapon sets items are bind-on-pickup.