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An assortment of pets

Non-Combat Pets (also called Pets or Vanity Pets)[1] are companion creatures that will follow the player. They are account-wide vanity items and don't help in combat. Some pets have special attributes unrelated to combat, such as the Bristleneck War Boar, which increases your inventory capacity by 5 slots on all characters account wide.

A pet can be summoned by activating it from the Collections tab, although they cannot be used in Cyrodiil. You can only have one pet active at a time. As of Update 6, pets can be given individual names. Pets were originally bound items, and needed to remain in your inventory to stay active. A summoned assistant will temporarily replace your pet until dismissed.

Some of the pets were available as loyalty rewards given for a certain number of months of paid subscription, and some are purchases available from the Crown Store. Others are only available from various promotions. The only pets available from standard gameplay are Razak's Opus and Stonefire Scamp, although several can be earned in a similar fashion by completing DLC content or as DLC loyalty rewards.


  • There exists a system mail (akin to the messages received for redeeming codes for pets such as the Bristlegut Piglet or the Crony Scrib) in the game's text files that mentions an "Argozog". It was the original name for the Helstrom Ancestor Lizard, and this in-game mail is the only mention of its working name.
Digital Content—Argozog
Congratulations, your Argozog has arrived! Your new friend can be found sunning himself in your Collections window. Have fun on your adventures!