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Online:Dark Brotherhood (DLC)

Dark Brotherhood: Your talent for homicide has been noticed and an invitation has arrived—to join the Dark Brotherhood! Come to the Gold Coast, westernmost region of the old Empire, where opportunities abound for intrigue, conspiracy … and murder! It's one killer DLC.
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DLC Game Pack:
Dark Brotherhood
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Price 020002,000 Crowns
(Included with ESO Plus)
Quest Voices in the Dark
PC/Mac May 31, 2016
Xbox One June 14, 2016
PS4 June 15, 2016
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Dark Brotherhood introduces the Dark Brotherhood assassin faction, along with the Gold Coast zone.

The loyalty reward is the Assassin Personality. The DLC is also available for purchase as part of the Dark Brotherhood Collector's Edition bundle for 040004,000 Crowns. It's included with the Gold Edition of ESO and the Guilds and Glory bundle.


  • The Dark Brotherhood, a new faction with their own skill line (including a powerful insta-kill).
  • Gold Coast, a new zone to explore, battle-levelled so as to be accessible at any level.
  • New quests, including a new guild questline, several opportunities to aid old friends, and repeatable Contract and Black Sacrament jobs.
  • Two new delves and group bosses.
  • Itemization, including new costumes, motifs, and item sets.