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This article is about the region. For the Blackwood chapter, see Blackwood (chapter).

Straddling the great Niben River and extending east into the bogs of the Argonian homeland, Blackwood serves as the maritime gate to Cyrodiil—a valuable, if perilous, stretch of territory greatly prized by Khajiit, Argonians, and Imperials alike.
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Southern Cyrodiil and Black Marsh

Blackwood is a swampy southern region located along the banks of the Lower Niben. It makes up the southernmost reaches of Cyrodiil and is ruled from the city of Leyawiin. The region also extends over the border into Black Marsh.

Blackwood is divided into three regions: the Niben Forest to the north, Gloomire to the south, and Blackwood Bog extending eastwards into Black Marsh.



  • Gideon — A city located in Blackwood, on the Black Marsh side of the border. (map)
  • Leyawiin — A city located in Blackwood, on the Cyrodiil side of the border. (map)


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  • Blackwood previously appeared in TES IV: Oblivion, although it only included the Cyrodilic territory of County Leyawiin. A portion of the area was also visited in the Dark Brotherhood DLC.
  • Much of the Black Marsh area was originally planned to be the Adventure Zone version of Murkmire, but was later re-purposed into Blackwood.
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