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Quest Hub
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Western Black Marsh
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Gideon is a city located in Blackwood, on the Black Marsh side of the border. Trano Coventina the traveling merchant walks along the road between Gideon and Leyawiin.

Related QuestsEdit

  • Gideon Objective: Help Yisara research her next great romance novel. / You broke Giovesse's curse and helped Yisara find her muse.
  • Haunted Legacy: Clear the Gemain family's good name by investigating a series of old murders.
  • Making a Racket: Help Iulius and Scipion Averno unfurl the grip of the Furl-Fangs on Blackwood.
  •  A Mysterious Event: Crash an exclusive Waking Flame event and find an Ambition.
  • Love Among the Fire: Assist Tee-Wan with a private and urgent matter near Gideon.

Shops and ServicesEdit

Other PlacesEdit


Gideon Wayshrine

The Gideon Wayshrine is located in northwestern Gideon, across from the stable. Gilbegil and Azi-Mudeska converse nearby. If you haven't already finished Haunted Legacy, Faric Gemain will spawn near the wayshrine.


A pamphlet is posted on a lamppost along the side of the road just west of the city. There are barrels of clean water in front of the courthouse and the inn for citizens to drink from.

An accessible entrance to Twyllbek Ruins is located north of the Egg and Hammer Inn. Another entrance lies in a crevice along the northern side of the city's walls (exterior side), north of the wayshrine.

There is a Flooded Passage in the city's southern gardens that brings you outside the city's southern walls, into a pond. A death hopper and a kotu gava loiter along the shore. An entrance to Ruction Ring is located along the southeastern side of Gideon's exterior wall. Castle Giovesse lies up the path leading north from Gideon. There's a little abandoned cabin surrounded by wisps northeast of Gideon.