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This article is about the NPC type. For the costume, see Traveling Merchant.

Merchant Traveling Merchants are merchants who can be found walking on the roads outside of major settlements. Like their settled counterparts, they sell repair kits, potions for attribute restoration, lockpicks and bait.

See also: Outlaws Refuge Merchants

Aldmeri DominionEdit

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Zone Route Merchant
Apocrypha Between The Disquiet Study and (?) Mazishasa
Blackwood Between the White Stallion Inn and Leyawiin Kagik
Between Gideon and Leyawiin Trano Coventina
South of Glenbridge Weedum-Dar
Clockwork City Between Clockwork Crossroads Wayshrine and the Vale of Tiers Ajum-Jekka
The Deadlands On the road south of Ardent Hope Wayshrine Anbara
The Sever Wal
Galen Wandering the roads near Glimmertarn Natalo Olcinius
(?) Hirail
High Isle Between the (?) and (?) Claudette Steonie
(?) Telirisse
Hew's Bane Between Abah's Landing and No Shira Citadel Shulargo
Murkmire Between the Blackrose Prison Wayshrine and Dead-Water Village Jeetum-Lah
Northern Elsweyr From Prowl's Edge Dragonscour to Valenwood Gate to Sunspire Omu-dar
South of Hakoshae Lalaine Senyan
Southern Elsweyr On the road from Black Heights to Senchal Debaasi
On the road from Senchal to South Guard Ruins. J'margo
Summerset Isle Road from Sunhold to Eldbur Sanctuary Falordilmo
Road from Corgrad Wastes to Ebon Stadmont Maliren
Road from outside Russafeld to Direnni Acropolis Quentin Rouillac
Telvanni Peninsula From Necrom to the Padomaic Crest Wayshrine Indrele Barelo
Between the Alavelis Wayshrine and the Bal Foyen Passage Nusum
The Reach Between Markarth and Lost Valley Redoubt Esgiana
Western Skyrim Between Solitude and Dragon Bridge Hilglund
Between Eastern Great Lift and Hjaalmarch Great Lift Marcelle Melie
Wrothgar The roads near Exile's Barrow Zayaza
Between Jehanna Docks and Sorrow Damee
Southern Wrothgar, near Old Orsinium Lakhalg
Vvardenfell Between Gnisis and Balmora Fanisea Saram
Between Urshilaku Camp and Forgotten Wastes Breynshad Alasien
Between Foyada Quarry and Halls of Fabrication Gordol Teddalennu