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Falinesti Autumn Site
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Quest Hub
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Skyshards 1
Arbordawn Archer, Arbordawn Quickblade, Arbordawn Ranger, Arbordawn Wildling, Bandit Brigand, Bandit Deadeye, Bandit Murderer, Lion, Spriggan
Inside-only: Spider Daedra
JodewoodReaper's March
West-northwest of Rawl'kha
Loading Screen
The city of Falinesti occupies the boughs and bole of a great walking Elden Tree—possibly the original Elden Tree from which all others are derived. These towering graht-oaks are so huge as to beggar belief, trees on a mythic scale.
The Falinesti Autumn Site

The Falinesti Autumn Site is the autumn location of Falinesti, in central Reaper's March, west-northwest of Rawl'kha.

Telenger the Artificer and his Mages Guild expedition have recently arrived to study the site, around the same time the Arbordawn Cult, a splinter group of the Falinesti Faithful, moved into the pit and blocked access.

Rabiza Silvertongue the traveling merchant walks along the road between Vinedusk Village and the Falinesti Autumn Site.

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  • The location uses the general ruins icon on the map despite not containing any ruins and being more of a grove.


A map of the Halls of Ichor