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Falinesti is a moving tree city which can be found at varying locations within Valenwood. It can usually be found in one of four locations, depending on the season. In the spring, it travels to northeastern Greenshade, northwest of Marbruk. In the summer, it moves north to western Malabal Tor, east of Velyn Harbor. In autumn, it travels to a spot in Reaper's March, west-northwest of Rawl'kha. And in the winter, it moves south to Grahtwood, where it can usually be found just west of Elden Root.

Recently however, Falinesti has not been found in any of its expected seasonal locations; the city seems to have completely disappeared from the face of Nirn. The Falinesti Faithful, who maintain each site when the city is absent, have been praying for its return for many years. Each site provides a possible explanation to where it went: the winter implies Rajhin stole it, the spring implies (?), the summer implies it is in Oblivion, and the autumn implies Mephala took it.

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  • The Falinesti's Faithful Totem Elk mount and Clearspring Striped Fawn pet mention Falinesti.
  • When asked in 2018 if there is any chance of seeing Falinesti in the future, Matt Firor said "Never say never, but probably not. We have our hands full right now doing as much stuff as we can, so Bethesda needs to do [...] that stuff. Because that's really taking things from the old lore, and bringing it forward [...] so we'll leave that up to them."[1] Wynne McLaughlin joked that they "keep trying to get to Falinesti, but someone keeps moving it!" and Matt Firor joked that they did explain where's gone: the same place as Artaeum (i.e. unknown).[2][1]