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No Shira Citadel
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Discoverable Yes
Completion None
Citadel Guardian
Assassin Beetle, Gargoyle, Jackal, Iron Wheel Archer, Iron Wheel Nightblade, Iron Wheel Ravager, Iron Wheel Sentinel, Iron Wheel Sentry
Hew's Bane
South of Abah's Landing
Other Buildings
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Though the above-ground works of No Shira Citadel are largely in ruins, the corridors beneath are in much better repair—and the Iron Wheel has adapted them to their own purposes.
No Shira Citadel

No Shira Citadel is a large ruined Yokudan fortress located south of Abah's Landing.

It now serves as the stronghold of the Iron Wheel in the region, with the Iron Wheel Headquarters located at its center and the No Shira Prison found inside the eastern wall. The No Shira Workshop can also be found here.

Shulargo the traveling merchant walks up and down the road between Abah's Landing and No Shira Citadel.

Inside No Shira Citadel

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Iron Wheel HeadquartersEdit

The Iron Wheel Headquarters is a series of underground chambers located beneath No Shira Citadel.

No Shira PrisonEdit


No Shira Citadel Wayshrine

The No Shira Citadel Wayshrine can be found outside the citadel.


  • No Shira means "noble person" in Yoku.
  • According to datamined content, the original name was intended to be "Hiradirge Citadel", and is still used in some map files. In lore, the Hiradirge were a little-known rogue band of Sword-singers.
  • Enemies in the fortress exterior will be neutral if wearing a servant diguise during the quest "The Long Game".
    • The same doesn't apply while in the interior as servants are normally forbidden from accessing those areas.
  • Numerous traps can be found throughout the delve, ranging from situational traps such tripwire and flare traps, to more lethal traps like explosive and poison gas traps that can quickly drain your health.
    • Additional, unique traps appear in the interior sections, such as fire traps, wall spike traps and swinging blade traps.
    • Most of them will appear highlighted when crouching; however, some will not, like the poison jar traps.


  • The baskets containing the servant disguises that were present during the quest The Long Game still exist throughout the citadel and can be looted for a disguise during the quest "Prison Break". However, during this quest, the Iron Wheel soldiers will still remain hostile towards you even while disguised, making the baskets' existence pointless. ?


No Shira Citadel
No Shira Citadel hidden rooms
No Shira Citadel
No Shira Citadel hidden rooms