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Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province Cyrodiil
Black Marsh
Subregions Blackwood Bog
Niben Forest
Demonym(s) Blackwooder
Appears in Oblivion, ESO
Blackwood circa 3E 433
Blackwood circa 2E 582

Blackwood is the swampland east of Leyawiin along the Trans-Niben, adjacent to the Black Marsh border. The waters from this swamp drain south into Topal Bay. Blackwood also shares many common traits with the Imperial Province of Black Marsh, such as climate, geography, and wildlife, due to it being directly adjacent to the province. It is dark and woodsy, hence the name.[1]

Located along the Green Road is the headquarters of the Knights of the White Stallion, a knightly chivalric order chartered by the Count of Leyawiin. The Imperial town of Slough Point is found in the region, close to the Black Marsh border.[1] The land to the west of the Lower Niben was ceded to Cyrodiil by Elsweyr in an agreement between the Count of Leyawiin and the Mane just prior to 3E 432, following a long-running dispute over the border. It is not uncommon for some to get lost in the trackless marshes east of Fort Blueblood, on the nebulous border between Blackwood and Argonia.[2] Due to their similar climate it is sometimes believed Blackwood is a natural part of Black Marsh, and the noble Nibenese of Blackwood have fought back against the spread of Black Marsh's influence for generations.[UOL 1]

When the Reman Empire dissolved in 2E 431, a gradual depopulation of war-torn central Cyrodiil occurred as some fled to Blackwood and other areas of the province.[UOL 2]

Notable PlacesEdit


The Badger Bears of southern Blackwood were nearly extinct in the wild when they were saved by the intervention of Imperial noble Viscount Glorion of Leyawiin, who rescued the species by breeding them as mounts.[3] Kotu Gava, Haj Mota, as well as harmless frogs, monkeys, and snakes can be found on the border with Black Marsh.




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